Loban (Gum Benzoin) is regarded as effective medicine in Ayurveda. When it comes to its benefits, it is useful for stopping vomiting, reducing abdominal pain, arthritis, calming the mind, and so on.

Loban has numerous health advantages. 

Loban is an anti-depressant: Some people believe that inhaling the aroma of loban can help with depression. Its aroma aids in the prevention of mental fatigue and depression symptoms. 

Loban's mind-calming properties: Loban contains a number of medicinal properties that aid in mind-calming. As a result, if you are experiencing stress or mental disturbance, you should inhale the aroma of loban to help you relax. 

Beneficial in removing chest secretions: Loban oil is frequently used to help clear mucus from the respiratory tract. Loban has properties that aid in thinning secretions and making coughing easier. 

Benefits of Loban in preventing cancer: Cancer is a dangerous disease that, if not treated promptly, can be fatal. As a result, treatment should begin as soon as the first signs of cancer appear. Loban, as a natural remedy, aids in cancer prevention. 

Beneficial in increasing sexual stamina: Many people want to improve their sexual stamina and experiment with various home remedies. Loban can help men increase their sperm count and sexual stamina. Mix loban powder, dried ginger powder, asthishrinkhala, and akarkara together with milk and drink. This improves your sexual endurance. 

Loban is used in the treatment of cough: Loban is useful in the treatment of any type of cough, including asthma, chronic cough, tuberculosis, and the common cold. These patients should be exposed to the odour of loban smoke. This provides numerous benefits, including the relief of your cough. 

Other Names: Lubaan, Dhuno, Frankincence