Mahua Flowers are cooling in nature, and are used to treat cough, cold, and respiratory disorders. Mahua Flower is also used to cure Pitta. Mahua Flowers are widely used in making the wine by fermenting it.

Can Mahua be used in treatment of diseases related to Nervous System?

Yes, Mahua Flowers are very beneficial for nervous system. Mahua flowers boiled in Milk are given in the proporotion of 40 to 50 ml each day for the treament of neuro mascular system.

What are the uses of Mahua Flower for Sexual Weakness?

Mahua Flowers boiled in Milk are very useful in treatment of Sexual Weakness, Low Sperm Count, and Premature Ejaculation. Mahua flowers are also very beneficial in increasing the flow of milk in nursing mothers.

How Mahua flower can be used in households?

Mahua flower can be consumed in lots of ways. It is used to prepare Jam, Jelly's as well as pickles, biscuits and Syrups.

Is Mahua Flower edible?

Yes, Mahua flowers possess a nice , aromatic fragrance, and are sweet in nature. They can be eaten raw too.