What is Molsari Chaal;

 Molsari Chaal is a medicinal tree with edible parts. it is a tree that grows in the forests of Asia and parts of Africa. It is used under the name of Vajradanti, in preparation of various herbal tooth powders along with many other ingredients such as catechu, pomegranate bark, etc.

Its fruits are eaten raw and also prepared as pickle. The bark of the tree is used to improve fertility in women. The fruits are edible and used to treat chronic dysentery. They have astringent action.

Other Names : Bakul, Madhugandha, Chirapuspa, Sthirapuspa, Moulsiri, Boalsari, Bagulam, Pagadamanu, Elangi, Gokul, Basuk, Buk, Kirakuli, Mulsari, Bokulo, Baula, Boulo, Vonvol, Barsoli, Bolsari, Magilam , Ilanchi, Pogada, Pogad, Inni, Elanni, Ovalli, Moulsiry


This tree is especially useful in treating gum problems and dental disorders such as bleeding gums, loose teeth, sensitive teeth, cavities, etc. Its tender parts are used as tooth brush. The bark and seed coat are used for strengthening the gum.

 Its bark has been used since ancient times to treat a variety of ailments, including snakebites, dysentery, chronic diarrhea, headache and sinusitis. The leaves are also used as an antidote to snake-bite.

The flowers, fruits and bark are all astringent in action. Bark is used as tonic, astringent and to reduce fever. The leaves are used as an antidote to snake-bite. The pulp of the fruit is used in curing chronic dysentery.
The powder of dried flowers or the juice of fresh flowers can be administered through the nose (nasya karma) to get relief from headache and sinusitis.

The decoction prepared from the bark of Mimusops elengi tree is used for gargling to treat diseases of the oral cavity like gingivitis, looseness of teeth and oral ulcers etc.

Additionally it can be applied topically as mouthwash for sore throats or can be inhaled as steam treatment for sore throats/colds/flu etc., Just like any other plant matter it has many uses especially when it comes down to treating minor injuries such as cuts or burns.