Kali Musli or Shyah-Musli is an Ayurvedic natural remedy traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is one of the crucial Rasayana used to provide power and strength to the body.

It indicates spermatogenic and aphrodisiac homes which can be beneficial in enhancing issues like sexual disorder. Extract of the plant also can be utilized in treating urinary issues.

It additionally has hepatoprotective homes which can also additionally offer resource in enhancing liver feature and detoxifying the liver.

According to Ayurveda, Kali Musli has Vrishya (aphrodisiac) and Balya (power provider) homes which assist to accurate male sexual disorder and additionally enhance stamina.

It additionally facilitates stability Vata which facilitates to enhance sexual power and boom the sperm count. In addition to that, Kali Musli has Mutral (diuretic) homes which assist in urinary issues. Kali Musli might also resource in liver cleansing because of its Rasayana (rejuvenating) property.

Benefits of Kali Musli Powder

1. Male Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction in guys may be withinside the shape of lack of libido (i.e., having no or little or no inclination toward a sexual act). There also can be a low erection time or semen expelled quickly after sexual activity. This is likewise stated as ‘early discharge or untimely ejaculation. Taking Kali Musli facilitates to accurate male sexual disorder and additionally improves stamina. This is because of its Vrishya (aphrodisiac) and Balya (electricity provider) properties.

How to consume Kali Musli
-Take 2-3gm of Kali Musli powder
-Mix with milk or honey
-Have it a few times a day, ideally after meals
#To eliminate male sexual disorder.

2. Oligospermia (Low Sperm Count)

Kali Musli is useful in instances of oligospermia (i.e., low sperm count) which typically takes place because of imbalanced Vata dosha. Kali Musli facilitates to control this situation because of its Vata balancing and Vrishya (aphrodisiac) properties. This facilitates to enhance sexual force and thereby will increase the sperm count.

3. UTI

Kali Musli is a beneficial herb for urinary tract infections. Urinary tract contamination is defined below the large time period of Mutrakcchra in Ayurveda. Mutra approach ooze, krichra approach painful. Thus, dysuria and painful urination are referred to as Mutrakcchra. In urinary tract contamination, Kali Musli facilitates to manipulate burning sensation and will increase the urine waft due to the fact Mutral (diuretic) belongings and subsides the signs of UTI like a burning sensation in the course of urination.

-Take 1-2 Kali Musli tablets
-Have it with milk or regular water, ideally after meals
# To get short manipulate of the signs of UTI.

4. Liver disorder
Liver issues like liver swelling or jaundice typically arise because of an imbalance of Pitta dosha. Kali Musli is an powerful herb for coping with liver troubles like swelling withinside the liver, jaundice, and vulnerable liver function. Kali Musli now no longer handiest facilitates in liver cleansing however additionally facilitates in nourishment because of its Rasayana (rejuvenating) belongings.

-Take 1-2 Kali Musli Capsules
-Have it with milk or regular water, ideally after meals
#To get short manipulate of the signs of vulnerable liver functions.

How to use:
You can take 2-3gm of Kali Musli powder or as directed through the doctor to put off issues like male sexual disorder. Take it a few times a day, ideally after meals. Avoid self-medicinal drug or taking Kali Musli in excess.
Kali musli is normally properly tolerated and does now no longer have any facet consequences whilst taken withinside the endorsed dose. However, it's far recommended to seek advice from the health practitioner earlier than the use of Kali Musli.