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The nakhuna fruit comes from a plant related to fenugreek. It is regarded as a species of wild fenugreek as well. They have tiny, rounded seeds inside.

Only a small number of publications identify lkil-ul-malik as Meliotus officinalis, also known as "Zirir" in Persian and "Aspurk" in Hindi.

This plant also produces pods that look like nakhuna.

Despite being a different species, it can be used as a replacement.

Uses and Actions:

Nakhuna pods, also known as iklil-ul-malik, are resolving, carminative, deobstruent, emollient, tonic, and pain relievers.

It is used internally for metritis, hepatosplenomegaly, flatulence in the belly, and stomach problems.

In paralysis, it is also applied.

Rheumatic aches, colic pains, piles, and uterine issues are treated externally by using it as a fomentation or poultice.

To strengthen the intestines, its decoction is used in enemas as an astrigent, emollient, and tonic.

It is maturative, visceral tonic, resolvent, and attenuant for inflammation.

It helps with otitis and secretory ulcers.

It may show an antioxidant property.

It may show liver protection property

It may help in reducing inflammation

It may show antiulcer property 

It may show anticancer property

It may show antibacterial property

It may show neuroprotective (protective of neurons) properties.

Used to treat stomach ulcers

Fenugreek's gel fraction may aid in preventing stomach lesions. The flavonoids and polysaccharides in fenugreek's gel part may be the cause of its stomach-protective properties.