Neem has a wealth of amazing medical advantages, but one of the most significant is that it eradicates malignant cells. Everybody possesses malignant cells, although they are typically dispersed throughout the body. Nonetheless, they will become organised if specific conditions are created in the body. That is not a problem as long as these cells are lazing around by themselves. It becomes a problem if they all congregate in one location and get along. This resembles the transition from small-time to organised criminality. That is a significant issue. Neem keeps the amount of malignant cells in the body below a particular threshold, preventing them from congregating and attacking your system, if you take it daily.

The health advantages of the bitter neem leaves in whatever form have been used for a variety of purposes for millennia and are affectionately referred to as the "Panacea For All Diseases." In our country, it would be rather unusual to not see a neem tree in the neighbourhood. One such miraculous plant, neem, is used frequently to treat a variety of health anomalies. The holy neem is a universal cure for all ailments, including those involving the gastrointestinal tract, the liver, the teeth, infections, skin illnesses, hair problems, and concerns relating to any type of microbial infestation. Very Beneficial Neem Leaf Powder For Skin, Hair, And General Health

Azadirachta indica, the botanical name for neem, belongs to the Meliaceae family of mahogany trees. The scientific name is derived from the Persian terms "Azad," "dirakht," and "indica," where "Azad" stands for "free," "tree," and "of Indian origin," respectively. Hence, the scientific name indicates a free tree native to India.

Other Names: 

Neem, Nim, Nimgach, Indian Lilac, Neem, Margosa, Azadirachta de l’lnde, Niembaum, Neembaum, Nimbaum, Limbro, Neem, Nimb, Bevu, Bevinamar, Neem, Melia azadirachta Linn, Nimb, Limb, Kadunimb, Balantanimb, Azad Darakhte Hindi, Nimb, Nim, Nimba, Nimbaka, Neem, Neeb, Nimodi, Naboli