What is Paneer Dodi?
Paneer Dodi is also known as Indian Rennet. Its natural extracts possess many beneficial properties. It may provide aid in managing diabetes, regulating liver functions, and controlling cholesterol levels. It may also be helpful in conditions like discomfort in the abdomen area (dyspepsia), gas accumulation (flatulence), and other intestinal infections.

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Studies on Paneer Dodi suggest its use for diabetes management too. It may help reduce the increased levels of blood glucose, providing better diabetes control.

Paneer dodi has a long list of therapeutic properties. Paneer dodi is a shrub with medicinal properties. It has been used in Ayurveda and other traditional medicines for centuries. The therapeutic properties of paneer dodi include: sedative (inducing sleep), diuretic (causes the kidney to make more urine), emetic (causing vomiting), wound healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperlipidaemic (lowers blood cholesterol level), anti-fungal (kills fungi), anti-bacterial (kills bacteria), anti-helminthic (kills worms and parasites), liver protective, antihyperglycemic (lowers blood glucose level), and antitumour.

The flowers and fruits of paneer dodi are often used in folk medicine to manage diabetes. In an animal model having type 2 diabetes, paneer dodi was discovered to improve signs and symptoms while also achieving normal blood glucose levels. 

Fruit extract of paneer dodi has been shown to exert liver-protective effects. The protective effect of paneer dodi was determined by measuring the blood enzyme levels.

Take 8-10 Paneer Dodi flower
Soak them in water the whole night
Filter the water and drink it before breakfast
To get quick control of high blood sugar levels.

Liver problems:

Liver disorders or difficulties may be caused by genetic factors or by different factors that harm the liver, such as infections, excessive alcohol consumption, and obesity.
Paneer Dodi is used to treat chronic liver problems.
It is a natural medication with hepatoprotective characteristics that may aid with liver disorders. 

High cholesterol:

To generate healthy cells, the human body requires cholesterol.
Increased cholesterol levels in the body, on the other hand, can raise your risk of heart disease.
According to research on Paneer Dodi, the plant's extract may help decrease cholesterol levels due to its anti-hyperlipidemic action. 

Wound healing:

Diabetes, for example, can disrupt and even postpone our body's healing process, resulting in a non-healing wound.
Ayurvedic components such as Paneer Dodi, which has anti-platelet (wound-healing) characteristics, may aid in the healing process.
According to some research, using Paneer Dodi may enhance the quantity of collagen and proteins that aid in speedier healing.