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Peepal is a tree that has been revered since the beginning of civilization and, in addition to its religious significance, offers considerable medical potential.

This revered tree, which is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, is a treasure trove of medicinal benefits and is used to treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions, including simple injuries like snake bites as well as Asthma, skin conditions, kidney conditions, constipation, dysentery, impotence, and various blood-related issues.

While the peepal tree's bark is abundant in vitamin K, tainen, and phentosteroline, its leaves include glucose, asteriod, mennos, and phenolic.

The peepal tree is an amazing medicinal tree thanks to all of these components.

1. For bleeding diarrhoea, mix together equal parts of soft peepal stems, coriander seeds, and crystal sugar. Take 3–4 grammes of this mixture twice day to treat the condition.

2. Consume ripe Peepal fruit if you have a bad appetite. Peepal fruit can also be used to treat cough, pitta, blood-related issues, burning, and vomiting, among other things.

3. To treat dental disease, combine the barks of the banian and peepal trees in an equal amount. Then, boil the mixture in boiling water. It will relieve dental ache when used as a mouth rinse.

4. To treat hiccups, prepare charcoal from 50–100 gms of peepal bark and put it out in water. Drinking this water is highly beneficial for people who have hiccups.

5. Peepal leaves are tender and can be eaten to treat skin conditions including eczema and other rashes. It works just as well to consume 40 ml of this leaf's tea.

6. To relieve itching caused by eczema, mix 50 gms of peepali bark ash with the appropriate amounts of lime and ghee to form a paste. Apply this paste to trouble spots, and it will demonstrate calming benefits. Regularly consuming 40 ml of peepal bark tea would also be beneficial.

7. To treat spline swelling, burn 10–20 gms of peepal bark, add an equivalent amount of Kalmi Shora, and pour the mixture into ripe bananas. Consume one such banana per day to treat spline swelling.

8. Take the bark of a shrub and some of its ripe fruits for asthma. Make each of their powders separately, then combine them in an equal amount. Three daily doses of this mixture are quite effective in treating this issue. Making a powder of peepal dry fruits and taking it twice daily for 14 days with two to three grammes of water can work wonders.

9. To treat eye pain, apply the plant's milk from the leaves to the affected eye. It will eliminate eye pain.

10. To relieve stomach pain, create a paste of 2.5 peepal plant leaves and 50 grammes of jaggery. Then, form small tablets out of the mixture and consume it three to four times each day. It will ease stomach discomfort.

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