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The Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and the Americas are just a few of the tropical and subtropical places in the world where long pepper is grown. It is thought that the Roman emperors treasured it even more than black pepper because of its commercial and economic significance.
Because of its broad medicinal characteristics, pippali, also known as long pepper, is a distinctive aromatic herb that has been around for ages. The traditional plant is a member of the Piperaceae family and is known by the scientific name Piper longum. This plant is categorised as a powerful rejuvenative herb by the holistic science of ayurveda. It has tremendous anti-aging and aphrodisiac benefits on the body and is frequently used to treat diabetes, asthma, indigestion, cough, and cold.
Long peppers are native to many regions of India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. They go by the names "Pipli" in Hindi, "Tippili" in Tamil, "Pippalu" in Telugu, "Tippali" in Malaylam, and "Pipul" in Bengali. It is mostly found in India at an elevation of 1800 metres, in the drier portions of the Khasi and Mikir hills, in the central Himalayas to Assam, in the lower hilly districts of Bengal, and in the evergreen forests of the Western Ghats from Konkan to Kerala.

Other Names: Pepar, Peppli, Piple, Pimpali, Tippali, Piper Retrofractum

The exotic climbing perennial plant known as pippali often produces long, thin, conical fruits with ridges. The pippali plant's dry fruits, not any other herb, are what provide us with therapeutic advantages.

Health Benefits Of Pipal

Manages Diabetes
The body's blood sugar levels are significantly reduced by pippali's excellent hypoglycaemic capability. Upon ingesting pippali churna, the beta-pancreatic cells begin to produce insulin. It aids in reducing the conversion of starch to glucose, which causes low blood sugar levels.

Aids In Weight Loss
This pungent spice, which is praised for its all-natural fat-burning abilities, effectively detoxifies the body by eliminating Harmful pollutants and lessens sudden hunger sensations and a longing for unhealthy meals. It boosts metabolism and helps the body lose weight more quickly by enhancing digestion and lowering the buildup of harmful cholesterol in the body.