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Pippali is a crucial herb used in a number of Ayurvedic treatments. Pippali's roots and fruits are utilised as a source of medicine. The fruits of this plant have a strong flavour and a slightly yellow to orange tint.

Pippali is a powerful natural treatment for colds and coughs. Because Pippali powder has expectorant properties, taking it with honey after lunch and dinner helps the patient breathe more readily by releasing mucus from the airways. Moreover, by enhancing the body's metabolism, its ingestion may aid in the promotion of weight loss. Due to its laxative qualities, Pippali powder may help manage constipation by encouraging bowel movements.

Pippali might be useful for treating toothaches as well. Because to Pippali's ability to balance Kapha, rubbing a paste of Pippali powder and honey on the gums and teeth alleviates pain and inflammation.

Due to its heated potency, Pippali ingestion occasionally causes heartburn and acidity. So, if you have stomach ulcers, it is generally advised to speak with your doctor before using Pippali.
The Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and the Americas are just a few of the tropical and subtropical places in the world where long pepper is grown. It is thought that the Roman emperors treasured it even more than black pepper because of its commercial and economic importance.


Other Names: Pepar, Peppli, Piple, Pimpali, Small Pepper, Peepri, Pipili