Cashew Nut is as tasty as it is in food, as much as it is better for health. Cashew nuts are considered to be king of dry fruits. We use cashew nuts as dried nuts. Cashew nuts enhance the flavour of the dishes, and are also used in sweets. 

Cashew nuts contain proteins, minerals, fibers, carbohydrates and antioxidants that we need to keep healthy. In addition, cashew nuts contain thymin, vitamin B6, vitamin K, iron, potassium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, etc.

Improper catering has increased the risk of heart diseases. Kaju are beneficial for keeping the heart healthy. It helps to reduce harmful cholesterol, as well as help increase good cholesterol. It also helps to keep blood pressure right. Cashew nuts also contain good quantities that protect the inner layer of the arteries.

It is beneficial to use cashewnuts to keep the eyes healthy. Jacketeen and Luten present in cashew nuts are beneficial to our eyes. In addition, it also protects our eyes in general. It also helps in preventing cataracts.

It is beneficial to use cashew nuts to overcome a headache-like problem. Cashew nuts contain magnesium that helps relax blood vessels, which can prevent headaches and migraine problems. Regular cashew intake can help to relieve the problem of headaches.

You may know how serious diabetes is. There is also a possibility of other diseases occurring when diabetes occurs. Cashew nuts are beneficial for reducing the risk of diabetes. Regular consumption of some cashew nuts helps to reduce the risk of diabetes. This helps to control the level of type 2 diabetes.