1. Aids in Removing Dandruff
Dandruff is reported to be removed with the use of mango seeds. Apply mango seed butter to hair for stronger, glossy hair. Additionally, you can combine it with mustard oil and expose it to the sun for a few days. Early greying and dandruff can be controlled by applying the mixture.

2. Decreases the Chance of Diarrhea
To treat this condition, consume mango powdered mango seed at least twice per day. To grind the seeds, make sure they have been thoroughly dried. One gram or less of the powder combined with honey should be consumed.

Mango Seed Kernel - Aam Guthali Giri - Aam Magaz - Mangifera Indica

3. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Mango seeds can help to reduce your chances of getting high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease as per Ayurveda.

4. Maintains Healthy Hair
Mango seeds are well known for being a good source of vitamins, minerals, and important fatty acids. Simply remove the seed's outer coating and combine it with coconut, olive, til, or mustard oil. Place the mixture in direct sunlight for a week after placing it in a glass jar.

5. Guarantees Healthy Skin
A well-known moisturizing agent is mango seed. The butter made from the seed is thought to be superior than the majority of greasy or oily lotions found in stores.

6. Might Benefit Diabetes
When consumed in moderation, mango seeds are rumored to reduce blood sugar levels. To lessen glucose absorption, they change liver and intestinal enzymes. As per Ayurvedic Principles, Mango kernels are thought to improve blood flow, which lowers cholesterol levels in the body. Mango kernel powder use lowers blood sugar levels and lowers levels of harmful cholesterol.

Mangoes are not just a lot of people's favourite fruit, but they also have a number of health advantages. However, did you know that the mango kernel, also known as guthli, which you often discard, has a lot of health benefits?

7. Prevent Diarrhoea

Mango kernel/guthli should be taken in powdered form to prevent issues like diarrhoea and dysentery. Mango kernels only need to be well dried and then ground into a coarse powder. This powder can be consumed by mixing it with a little honey and a glass of water.

8. Increases Digestion

Mango kernel powder is the cure for those who experience frequent acidity issues. The phenols and phenolic chemicals found in mango kernels aid with digestion. Mango kernel powder ingestion aids in the removal of toxins from the body since it contains antioxidants.

9. Addresses Scurvy

Mango kernel powder, which is high in vitamin C, works like a magic cure for scurvy patients. All you have to do is combine one part of mango kernel powder with two parts of lime and jaggery. In general, you can eat this to get your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

10. Cholestrol Benefits

It serves as a check on cholesterol levels. Aam Ghutali is known to increase blood circulation in the body which in turn reduces the cholesterol levels in the body. They alter enzymes of the intestines and liver to reduce absorption of glucose. Thus, eating Aam Ghutali powder helps in reducing the unwanted cholesterol levels and also regulates the blood sugar levels.