Today everyone is suffering from some disease. The biggest reason behind this is your food. In such a situation, there is such medicine in Ayurveda, which can prove beneficial in many diseases. We are talking about Mulethi.

Mulethi, also known as Yashtimadhu or Jeshthamadh is a potent herb. Generally, people use it to get relief in cold and cough. Using it in the sore throat is most effective. Although the benefits of liquorice are not only this, it is mainly used in making Ayurvedic medicines. 

1. Helps in stopping Hiccups

If you are having hiccups and are not taking the name of stopping. In such a situation, keep the liquorice in the mouth for some time and suck it. Sucking liquorice stops hiccups in a short time. 

2. Gives strength

If you are feeling very weak then consume liquorice. Mix one spoon of Mulethi powder with half spoon of honey and one spoon of ghee and take it with a cup of milk in the morning and evening daily for 5-6 weeks. Consuming it increases strength in the body.

3. Reduces irritation in the eyes

Mulethi is considered to be a very beneficial remedy to reduce irritation and redness of the eyes. The use of mulethi powder with fennel can provide relief in burning and redness of the eyes.

4. Help in hair growth

Mulethi is also used in giving proper nutrition to the hair and increasing it. Washing the hair with Licorice or Liquorice quart makes the hair grow faster. Similarly, after grinding liquorice and sesame in buffalo milk, applying a paste on the head stops hair fall. 

5. Beneficial in cough and cold

Keeping mulethi in the mouth and sucking it for a long time provides relief from cough. If you have a dry cough, then mix one spoon of liquorice with honey and eat it after licking it 2-3 times a day. Similarly, making a decoction of liquorice and consuming 20-25 ml quantity in the morning and evening gives full benefit of liquorice.

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