When you hear the name of Karela, bitterness comes to your mind. The taste of this green or dark green vegetable may not be the mind, but it contains plenty of antioxidants and essential vitamins. We can use Karela in many forms. We can drink juice, make pickles or use it as a vegetable.

Karela's intake also gets rid of facial stains, mouth and skin infection. Drink karela juice with lemon in the empty stomach every day for six months. Or you continue it until you start to benefit.

Bitter gourd is very beneficial for the heart in many ways. It reduces the poor cholesterol that is gathered on the arty wall, thereby reducing the risk of a heart attack considerably. It also reduces the blood sugar level, making the heart healthy.

If you want to protect yourself from infection, boil the karela or karela leaf in water and use it. This will also benefit your immunization.

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