Kateri can be used to treat cough home. For this, you should take 3-5 grams of the entire plant or panchang of the kateri and boil it in 200 mg of water. The quantity of boiling water is about 50 mg and keep boiling it. Then cool the decoction and use it 2 times a day. This can be the best way to relieve cough.

The root of the kateri is cylindrical with a length of about 10-45 cetimetres. The diameter of these roots is about a few milli metres. The root of the Kachteri is also shrub-like, so its root is also known as a group of 100 roots. The roots of the Kateri have small grains like lentil grains. At the same time, the root is wrinkled. The upper layer of the root of the kateri is thin. In the suit, the root of the kateri is bitter.

The fruits of the kateri are like small and round berries. The exercise is about 0.8 – 1 cm. When the fruit is raw, it has a green colour with white. But after ripening, the color of this fruit becomes yellow.

Epilepsy is also a serious health problem. But the benefits of Kateri are effective in treating epilepsy. For this you remove the juice of the leaves of fresh bhataiya. Add this juice 2 drop volume regularly to your nostrils in the morning. Doing so reduces the likelihood of epilepsy to the patient.

Inflammation of the liver can be caused by bacteria and infections present here. But you can use kateri to keep your liver healthy. Kateri works as a tonic for the liver. Regular intake of kateri decoction can reduce the infection and inflammation present in the liver.

It is also beneficial for pregnant women to use Bhataiya. To prevent vomiting and nausea during pregnancy, take the Kateri Panchang (5 grams) and Munkka (5-6) and make it a brew by boiling it in water. Regular intake of this decoction can relieve the pregnant woman from vomiting and nausea. It is also a good way to improve their appetite.


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