Shatavari is a herb in the form of a vine or a Shatavari plant. Its creeper is spreading, and bushy. Under each vine, there are at least 100, more than this root. These roots are about 30-100 cm long, and 1-2 cm thick. Both ends of the roots are sharp.


On top of these roots, there is brown, thin skin. By removing this peel, white roots like milk come out inside. In between these roots, there is a tough fibre, which can be removed only in wet and dry conditions.


1. Benefits in Insomnia

Many people have trouble falling asleep. Such people should cook 2-4 grams of IndianJadiBooti  Shatavari powder in milk. Eating ghee mixed with it ends the problem of sleeplessness. This means to say that Shatavari powder is very beneficial in the disease of insomnia.


2. Treat Body Weakness

People who are feeling physical weakness, or lack of strength in the body. Cook asparagus in ghee and massage it, it removes the weakness of the body. The benefits of IndianJadiBooti  Shatavari prove to be very beneficial in removing general weaknesses.


3. Treats cough and cold

Consumption of Shatavari is also beneficial in cold and cold. Make a kadha of shatavari root. Drinking it in 15-20 ml quantity provides relief.


4. Helps in Digestion

If the food is not being digested properly, then using IndianJadiBooti Shatavari benefits. Mix 5 ml Shatavari root juice with honey and milk. Drinking it gives relief from problems like indigestion.


5. Get rid of Headaches

Shatavari also provides relief from headaches. Grind the fresh root of asparagus and extract the juice. Add sesame oil equal to the juice in it and bring it to a boil. Massage your scalp with this oil. It provides relief in headaches and migraines.


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