During the Corona period, when lakhs of people had to deal with the acute shortage of beds and oxygen in hospitals, Ayurvedic herbs came into the limelight at that time. As you all know that in recent times, lakhs of people have been cured of covid by sitting at home through home remedies of Ayurveda. Two things have been seen very well in Kovid. The first is that in this era people have started paying attention to their health and the second thing is that now everyone's interest in Ayurveda has started increasing.


1. Beneficial for Eyes

Consuming a mixture of equal parts of Baheda and Khand in the eye light increases the light of the eyes. In eye pain, applying the bark of Bahera with honey ends eye pain.


2. Cough relief

When coughing, keeping the peel of fenugreek in the mouth and sucking it ends cough. And the phlegm comes out. Cooking after adding Adusa, black salt and Beheda to goat's milk, it ends dry and dry cough quickly.


3. Strengthen Body

Make the body strong Baheda, it is a good source of calcium and is very beneficial for bone strength, mix one spoonful of gooseberry juice with one spoonful of Bahera's bark powder and consume it, which will make your body strong and also removes bone weakness.


4. Reduces Hair Fall

Reduce hair fall, the problem of hair loss has become common in today's time. Your hair fall will stop, for better results use it thrice a week.


5. Helps in Digestion

Due to the hot properties found in Baheda, it also helps in increasing the digestive power by intensifying the fire.

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