Next, we are telling you about the properties of nagbala plant, first, we know what is Nagbala and how can you identify it. During the rainy season, this plant grows on its own on the ridges on the banks of the fields. This bushy plant is spread like a snake on the ground, that is why it is called Nagbala. The roots and stem of this plant are very strong and they do not break easily.


1. Helps in Cough

People often suffer from the cold due to changes in weather or after consuming cold things. With the help of some home remedies mentioned in Ayurveda, you can get relief from the cold. With the help of  IndianJadiBooti’s Nagbala, you can also get relief from cold and flu. For this, put the juice of the leaves of nagbala plant in the nose and consume its leaves.


2. Helpful in Diarrhea

If you are troubled by diarrhea then use Nagbala, it is effective in stopping diarrhea. According to experts, the powder of the fruit and root of Nagbala should be consumed in case of diarrhea. Its consumption also provides relief in dysentery.


3. Relief from Breast Pain

Warming the leaves of Nagbala, placing it on the breasts or tying it there provides relief from pain in the breasts. If the pain in the breasts is too much, then go to the nearest doctor and get yourself examined.


4. Helpful for Heart Patients

IndianJadiBooti’s Nagbala is very useful for patients with heart diseases. According to experts, if you consume 3-5 grams powder of Nagbala root daily with dough, then it reduces the symptoms of heart diseases. Consuming it for a month removes the weakness of the body.


5. Bleeding from the Nose and Ears

In the summer season, many people start having the problem of bleeding from the nose and ears. This problem is called Rakta Pitta in Ayurveda. You can use Nagbala for its treatment. Taking Nagbala powder mixed with honey cures this problem.



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