You must have used flax seeds at home every day. Flaxseed is used in many home dishes. Although the seeds of Alsi are very small, they have so many properties, which you cannot guess. Do you know that the flaxseed which you all use only as a food item, diseases can also be treated with it? Yes, there are more benefits of flaxseed.

Another name for linseed is Tisi. It is a herb, which is also used as medicine. According to the nature of the places, there is a difference in the colour, shape and size of the seeds of Tisi. Across the country, Alsi seeds are white, yellow, red, or slightly black. The hot regions are considered to be the best. Generally, people make use of til seeds, oil. The use of Alsi can be taken advantage of in diseases like breath, throat, throat, phlegm, digestive system disorders including wounds, leprosy etc.

Consumption of flaxseed is beneficial in the disease of sleeplessness. For this, mix equal amounts of linseed and castor oil, grind them well on a bronze plate. Applying it like kajal in the eyes helps in getting good sleep.

Are you suffering the most from the problem of a headache these days? So with an easy home remedy, you can get rid of this problem. The benefits of flaxseed can be fully realized when used properly to get relief from headache. For this, grind flaxseeds in cold water and apply them. It is beneficial in headache due to inflammation, or other types of headache, or head wounds.

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