You must have heard the proverb Rai ka Pahaad Banana. Yes, this is the same rai that is cultivated across the country and rye is also used in almost all households. Even after this, there is still some confusion about the identity of Rai. Some people consider mustard and rai to be the same, but the truth is that these two are not the same. Generally, people use rai or rai oil only for diet.


1. Cure Eye Diseases

In case of pimples on the eyelids, mix the powder of rai seeds in ghee. By applying its paste, this disease gets cured immediately.


2. Cures Itching

Washing the head with a kadha of rai stops hair fall and diseases like head lice, pimple and itching are cured.


3. Relief from Headache

If you are always troubled by headache, then grinding mustard seeds and applying it to the head is beneficial in headache.


4. Stops Vomiting

Benefits of rai seeds stop vomiting. Grind rai seeds and camphor after heating a little and apply it on the stomach, it is beneficial in vomiting.


5. Cures Irritation and Swelling Diseases

The benefits of rai are found in the burning of the body. If there is a burning sensation and swelling in the body, then rai paste is beneficial in such disease.


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