Safed Jeera is a blooming plant which is local to India and spreads until East Mediterranean area. The seeds of Safed Jeera are dried and utilized in an assortment of cooking styles everywhere throughout the world in both entire and ground structure particularly in South-Asian foods. The zest is known to humankind since early civic establishments like Egyptian, Roman and Indus valley development. The zest has an interesting flavor, taste and fragrance and magnificent restorative worth. 
Safed Jeera Benefits
Safed jeera is an excellent carminative, which treats swelling, gastritis, vaporous distension of the stomach area and other stomach torment. 
Jeera water is profoundly valuable for your liver and stomach. The cancer prevention agents present in the seeds can flush out the lethal materials from your body and advance the normal exercises of different inner organs. 
In the event that you are experiencing a sleeping disorder (rest issue), jeera water can help you.