Cinnamon is the most popular and one of the oldest spice originate from Sri Lanka. It is made of inner bark of cinnamomum tree. This bark contain several compound including cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid and cinnamate. There are two type of cinnamon : ceylon and cassia. cassia Cinnamon is widely available in the market. ceylon grows  primarly in Sri Lanka and isn't common. Cinnamon is known for its health benefit and has been used medically for thousand for year. It can be used in wide range of dishes - cookies, cakes, muffins, tea and coffee. 

Health Benefits of Cinnamon Powder:

  • Lowers blood sugar level- Daily consumption of Cinnamon powder can help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar level. 
  • weight loss- Cinnamon helps in reducing bad effect of eating high fat food. it effects of blood glucose level can also help your body ultimately loose weight.
  • Fights infection and virus- Cinnamon contain natural antibiotic, antimicrobial, antifungal and antivirus properties which helps in boosting immune system and fight with virus.
  • Benefit skin health- Cinnamon contains antibiotic and antimicrobial properties which protect the skin from rashes, allergic reaction, irritation and infection.