Fennel seeds or saunf is an incredible mouth cleanser. The seeds contain a few fragrant oils that help dispose of awful smell from the mouth and helps in expanding the measure of spit emitted in your mouth, which thus washes away any nourishment particles in your mouth and kick-begins the assimilation procedure. 

Saunf is phenomenal for battling weight as it smothers the hunger and makes a sentiment of totality. Crisp fennel fills in as a characteristic fat buster by boosting the digestion and separating fats. 

Saunf fills in as a general mind sponsor. Specialists have discovered that fennel seeds help improve psychological execution. Fennel bulbs and seeds additionally have abnormal amounts of potassium, which supports expanded electrical conduction all through the body, adding to solid cerebrum working and psychological capacities. 

Fennel root is wealthy in dietary fiber that helps control cholesterol development. It likewise contains nutrient C, which goes about as a cell reinforcement and averts coronary illness by restraining free extreme movement.

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