Nutmeg is a marvel spice with regards to helping in stomach problems. It is wealthy in fiber content. This makes nutmeg a phenomenal solution for restoring stomach related issue, for example, obstruction. Nutmeg has additionally been seen as powerful against fart, the runs and other stomach afflictions.

 Utilization of nutmeg can be helpful for the cerebrum as it is helps mind incitement. The basic oils present in nutmeg help in battling weariness and stress along these lines, fuelling mental exercises.

 Nutmeg contains magnesium in enormous amounts, the mineral is fundamental to control pressure and uneasiness in the body and is answerable for discharging serotonin that unwinds and steadies the body and brain. It very well may be included your tea, espresso or home grown tea, A couple of seeds of nutmeg can likewise be sprinkled in treats to help initiate rest.

 Nutmeg is a tremendously tasty yet uncommon spice.It has a sweet yet somewhat harsh flavor which adds an unmistakable taste to the vegetables.