Arjuna tree (botanical name Terminalia mythical being) grows within the central as well as southern elements of Asian country. And, it's since ages that Arjun ki chaal (Arjuna bark) has been used for maintaining oral hygiene. The mythical being tree bark has many alternative health edges, that is why writing considers it as a medicative herb. 

Arjun ki chaal or the bark of mythical being tree helps increase blood flow, lowers cholesterol levels, and aids quicker healing. once and for all, it's a miraculous herb for heart health.

Arjuna tree contains an associate degree anti-cancerous substance known as casuarina, that is thought to forestall cancers like carcinoma. a daily consumption of the mythical being bark stewing, therefore, provide positive results.

Arjun Chaal is beneficial in asthma and sometimes also used as an anti poisoning herb.

Arjun Chaal Benefits:

Helps in Acidity

The benefits of Arjuna bark are also very helpful in relieving acidity. It is very important to know how to use Arjuna bark to take full advantage of the benefits of Arjuna bark.

Regular consumption of 10-20 ml decoction of Arjun bark brings up the gas in the stomach and provides relief from acidity.

Good for Bone

If the bone is broken or the bones have become weak due to any reason, then the benefits of Arjun bark prove to be very beneficial. Using Arjun bark not only provides relief from bone pain but also helps in bone joining.

Fights Acne

Who is not troubled by acne in today's pollution filled environment! But Arjuna's bark will not only help in getting rid of acne but will also increase the radiance of the face. Applying the powder of Arjuna's bark mixed with honey is beneficial in acne and sarcasm.

Treats Inflamation

Drinking kadha of Arjuna or making tea from the bark of Arjuna reduces swelling.

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