Acacia gum offers relief from skin and stomach ailments during the summer. Learn about its benefits and drawbacks from Ayurvedacharya.

Consuming acacia gum in the summer season can help treat various summer-related illnesses and can be utilized in various forms. The acacia tree is rich in medicinal properties; its root, leaves, flowers, and bark are used to alleviate body ailments. The gum derived from the acacia tree is equally beneficial, providing relief from body heat and proving advantageous during summer. Additionally, acacia gum helps combat issues such as weight loss, diarrhea, and diabetes. The gum is extracted from the stem and branches of the acacia tree. This tree is notable for thriving in areas with scarce water and is linked to trade and employment. Moreover, it is significantly beneficial for health and can be incorporated into foods. Ayurvedacharya Rahul Chaturvedi from the National Institute of Social and Charitable Services outlines numerous benefits of acacia gum, stating that consuming it in the summer resolves several body ailments.

Benefits of Acacia Gum

Relieve Joint Pain

Ayurvedacharya Rahul Chaturvedi mentions that acacia gum is acidic free and possesses the ability to reduce pain and strengthen bones. Individuals suffering from bone and joint pain should take acacia gum with walnuts. To do this, soak walnuts overnight, peel them in the morning, and consume one walnut with two grams of gum and two grams of sugar candy with milk on an empty stomach to alleviate joint pain.

Cool Down Body Heat

During the summer, the sun’s heat significantly affects people, causing dehydration and various other ailments in the body. Problems like sweaty hands and feet become prevalent. Acacia gum is highly effective in addressing these issues. Consuming two grams of gum with sugar candy in the morning and evening helps cool the body and reduce heat.

Solve the Problem of White Discharge

For women dealing with white discharge, an antibiotic mix of two grams of sugar candy and two grams of gum should be consumed in the morning and evening. This remedy helps mitigate the problem.

Metal Disease in Men

Acacia gum is highly beneficial for men suffering from metal diseases. To prevent these diseases, men should take two grams of sugar candy and two grams of acacia gum together.

Get Rid of Hair Problems

Acacia gum addresses hair issues like hair fall, thinning, and dandruff. Applying a mixture of acacia leaves and reetha extract also helps resolve hair problems. Dr. Rahul Chaturvedi explains that consuming acacia gum enhances hair growth by improving blood flow to hair follicles.

Increase Immunity

Acacia gum boosts immunity. Consuming acacia gum laddu with milk enhances the immune system, especially since the advent of COVID-19, as people are now more conscious about strengthening their immunity.

Cure Stomach Diseases

Acacia gum is rich in fiber, which helps prevent constipation. According to Dr. Chaturvedi, combining gum with curd offers additional benefits. During summer, issues like stomach ache, burning sensation, bloating, and constipation are common. Acacia gum helps prevent these problems and also reduces stress.

Relieve Back Pain

Consuming two grams of acacia gum with two grams of sugar candy alleviates back pain. It provides relief from all aggression-induced ailments. Those who suffer from back pain due to prolonged sitting can benefit from acacia gum.