Kali Mirch is one of the most established and most generally utilized flavor with stunning medical advantages and restorative employments. It is properly called the "Ruler of Spices" as it is utilized nearly in all dishes and furthermore widely in cures. Kali Mirch can be utilized for advancing hair development, helping weight reduction and when joined with nectar, it tends to be utilized for treating hack and cold. 

It helps absorption, diminishes circulatory strain and piperine removed from kali mirch is utilized for treating wide assortment of ailments from anticipating malignant growth and getting ulcers improving heart wellbeing. Kali Mirch oil separated from Kali Mirch additionally has wide restorative uses and is particularly useful for treating skin issues like skin break out. 

Pepper powder blended with nectar(honey) is extraordinary compared to other home solutions for cough and this customary cure has been upheld by research. At home, on the off chance that we experience the ill effects of cough, we crush new pepper powder and blend it with nectar(honey) and expend. It is incredibly viable in treating cough.

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