Mulethi is an ancient and useful drug. It removes many kinds of diseases. Mulethi benefits in stomach ulcers. The mulethi has a yellow and light smell from inside. Mulethi is a very useful medicine for human beings of all ages. 

If there is a sore throat, the Mulethi should suck. It also makes the voice sweeter with the right of the throat.

If the mouth is dry, the dryness of the mouth is removed again and again. Mulethi has a quantity of 50% water.

Mulethi is an important medicine in correcting stomach ulcers. Mulethi powder removes indigestion and hyper acidity of ulcers and also quickly fills the woundof ulcers.

Mulethi acts as an antibiotic in our body, which eliminates the bacteria that spread the body's influenment. Therefore, it is also a need for internal injury of the body.

If someone is vomiting blood, add the powder of mulethi to the milk and feed the patient or feed the patient with honey.

Multhi has very powerful anephoresive and anti-allergic activities, which helps in arthritis problems and removal of arthritis. It also helps in correcting eye diseases. Mulethi helps to treat conjunctivitis with the help of glyceritesin activity. It also benefits the removal of liver suzour.

In the problem of cough, mulethi is benefited by consuming it with pepper. In a cough, the use of mulethi benefits and also fixes the swelling of the throat.

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