Raw Herbs

Raw Herbs

 Recipe – Mouth Watering Lemon Shake and Gond Katira Twist

This drink helps in improving digestion, and has cooling properties. It will help you avoid the summer heatstroke and burning sensations.

Recipe - Gond Katira Sharbat – A cooling drink to beat the heat of summer

This summer we at https://indianjadibooti.com would give you the cooling and delicious recipes that would not leave this heat issues disappear like a smoke, but it will make your summers so much interesting that you would wish that the summers never go.

Recipe - How to prepare Super Nutritious and Delicious Musli Pak

Musli Pak is not just nutritious and healthy, but a super tasty alternative to our Daily Snacks.

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Recipe - How to make an Energy Booster Ashwagandha Tea

Drink a cup of Super Duper Energy Booster Ashwagandha Tea once or twice a day for a quick pick-me-up.

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Recipe - How to make Super Duper Tasty Dates and Figs Laddus
Make these Super Duper tasty Nutritious Laddus. It not only suits your sweet tooth, but it is also an anytime ready to eat snack.
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