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Call Center Interaction Policy |

It is strongly preferred that Customer communicate through Whatsapp Text only to the contact numbers given on the website. We do not appreciate Phone calls, and might not answer it at all. Our Customer Support works on Whatsapp.

Customer is requested to maintain his communication on any one channel , and one number. IndianJadiBooti Team reserves the right of not to respond, if customer is found spamming on multiple channels. Once we get your query, it is forwarded to the relevant department and their response is forwarded to you on Whatsapp.

It helps us to give you accurate information about your query. IndianJadiBooti generally replies to all relevant queries within 24 hours. Customer needs to be precise and clear and his communication. In case the query is about existing order, then Customers needs to share its order number, Name and exact query and concern, to get the response from our Team. Pointless or irrelevant queries will not be answered.

Customer needs to Track his order himself through "Track Order" link given on website. No query regarding the order status would be entertained by IndianJadiBooti Team. IndianJadiBooti Team reserves the right to not to answer and/or block the customer, who does not give attention to what our Customer Service Agent is saying, and keep spamming the Inbox or Call Center numbers.

During the interaction, if customer is found abusive towards customer care agent and/or tries to defame the Company in public, then IndianJadiBooti reserves the full right to cancel the order, and/or forfeit the money.

The quotations provided by company are valid for 24 hours, and stock availability.

The product images displayed are for reference purpose only and may change subject to lot change, crop change and as the product is available in the market at that particular time.

Company keeps all Customer Interaction records secured for 48 hours only. Beyond 48 hours, Company is not liable to maintain those records. Customers are advised to resolve their issues within 48 hours only.

Post raising order, if a Customer is going out of town or is not available at address, irrespective of the reason, then they have to manage the courier/post delivery by themselves only, instead pushing company for early/customised (time based) delivery.

All Complaints/Issues regarding Product or Service are entertained within 24 hours from delivery made. Company is not liable for anything, post that.

Zero Tolerance towards Abusive Customer's:

Observing some abusive customer's in E-Commerce ecosystem, our company adopt zero-tolerance policy towards abusive customer's.

Before approaching or during interaction at company's support center's, customer's are advised to be courteous, follow company policies and be E-Commerce/Digital/IT savvy, before arguing/disputing with our customer support executive uselessly.

Customer abuse shall attract  cancellation of order, forfeiture of payment, if any & barring from ordering any further.

In case, a customer uselessly defame company in public or uselessly approach any authority or sends notice complaining against company, then please note that it's a punishable offence under Indian Penal Code (IPC), Section 499 and our company's lawyer shall take it up further.

Reach us through Whatsapp Text only. No Call Please.