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IndianJadiBooti Darunaj - Doronicum hookeri

Form: Raw Herb

What is Darunaj - Doronicum hookeri:
Doronicum Hookeri normally recognized as "Darunaj-aqrabi/Daroonaj-aqrabi" in USM and as "Leopard's bane" in English is a famous medicinal plant of own circle of relatives Asteraceae. It is shipped among 12,000 and 14,000 toes withinside the Himalayas at Lachen and Tungu, Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet . Rhizomes of Doronicum roylei DC. (Native to Punjab), Doronicum falconeri Hook. Darunaj-aqrabi  is  one  of  the  important  plant origin  pills,  widely  used  in exclusive  dosage sorts of Unani Medicines. It is dried rhizomes of Doronicum hookeri.

Darunaj-aqrabi (Doronicum hookeri C.B. Clarke ex Hook.f.) (Family Asteraceae) has lengthy been utilized in Unani device of medicine (USM) as Cardiac tonic (invigorative and exhilarant), nervine tonic, carminative, shielding of the foetus, antidotary etc. in exclusive dosage forms. It is blanketed in particular pills for coronary heart and is a whole lot precious for palpitation. Because of getting antidotal traits and shielding (corrective) attributes, the rhizomes are normally utilized in compound formulations having tonic outcomes for the body. Aim of the evaluate: The examine pursuits to mirror the significance of Darunaj-aqrabi in USM. This evaluate presents important statistics that specialize in conventional use, phytochemistry, and pharmacological profile, thereby figuring out studies gaps and destiny possibilities for research and improvement of this plant. Materials and methods: All to be had facts associated with Darunaj-aqrabi withinside the the world over generic medical databases such as Pub Med, Science Direct, Scopus, Sci Finder, Google Scholar, Microsoft academy and Web of Science had been searched. Additional facts became accumulated from the classical textual content of USM on Herbs, Unani Pharmacopoeia, and so on. Results: The literature supported its use historically in formularies or with the aid of using rural human beings as a digestive, carminative, shielding of the foetus, cardiotonic, belly tonic, liver tonic, lithotriptic, antidote etc. Its extract confirmed antibacterial, antifungal, hepatoprotective, and antioxidant hobby. The primary phytochemical components are alkaloids; saponins; flavonoids, photoactive thiophenes, sesquiterpene alcohol, paralianchol and its acetophenone derivatives. There is restricted statistics to be had in this plant. Conclusion: The modern pharmacological research confirmed the anti-microbial, antifungal, hepatoprotective, and antioxidant hobby of Darunaj-aqrabi. However, maximum of the components of this herb have nonetheless now no longer been identified. Along with this, there are insufficient information at the phytochemistry and toxicological profile. Due to the substantial conventional makes use of of Darunaj-aqrabi, greater studies on pharmacological activities, phytochemistry, toxicity and unfavourable outcomes have a tendency to be required to decide its medicinal values.

It  is  used  in  the  treatment  of  Zo’f-ī-Qalb (weakness  of  the  coronary heart),  Khafqān  Bārid (palpitation because of cold), Tā’un (plague), Fālij (hemiplegia),  Laqwā (Bell’s  palsy), Melancholia  (depression),  Nafakh-ī-Shikam (flatulence),  Waja al-Mi’da  (abdominal  pain), Dard  Rahim  Rehi  (uterine  pain  due  to
accumulation  of  gasses),  Uterine  flatulence, Insomnia,  Riyah  al-Afrisa  (displacement  of vertebral  column),  Awram  Batina (superficial inflammation)  and  snake and  scorpion  bite  . Eating it together with figs is effective  in  all  kinds  of  poisons,  snake  and scorpion  bites  .  It  attenuates  (talteef) and dissolves (tahleel)  intestinal  inflammation .  Using  it  with  sugar  is  beneficial  in phlegmatic  headache  and  chest  pain  .  It strengthens the coronary heart and proves to be beneficial in palpitation .  Due to its antidote  properties, it's miles being utilized in epidemic illnesses especially in plague

In  an  in  vitro  study,  Streptococcus  faecalis have been cultivated in nutrient agar media with the addition of a  mixture  of  Dichloromethane  and methanol extract  of  Doronicum hookeri  in  different  concentrations.  The boom of the micro organism changed into inhibited in 500 μg/  ml  concentrations  of  the  extract  displaying its
antibacterial  activity.  Streptococcus faecalis, also  known  as Enterococcus faecalis, is  the  main  pathogen  of  the  genus Enterococcus  which  causes  around  95%  of enterococcal infections, which include infections of the urinary tract, infections of the biliary tract, ulcers  (e.g.,  bed  sores),  wounds  (especially
abdominal)  and  occasionally  endocarditis  or meningitis.  It  is  a  normal  vaginal commensal and intestinal tract.

Antifungal Activity

Bioactive  chemicals  obtained  from  natural sources  such  as  plants  may  be  a  potential supply of antifungal, specifically withinside the present
state of affairs in which resistance to antifungal  agents has been followed via way of means of human and plant-parasitic pathogens. Doronicum hookeri has shown promising  in  vitro  antifungal  activity. Dichloromethane  and  methanol  extract  of Doronicum  hookeri  rhizome  changed into  evaluatedtowards Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans at concentrations of one thousand and 500 μg/  ml  in  the  nutrient  agar  medium  which
proven robust antifungal activity.
Doronicum hookeri has been said for its antifungal, Antimicrobial hobby, antioxidant  and hepatoprotective activities . Recently cardioprotective, antiatherogenic and lowering outcomes of blood pressure

Other Names: 

Daroonaj, Darawnaj, Leopard’s Bane, Doronic, Gemswurz, Gämswurz, Tarang , Doronicum hookeri Clarke, Darunak, Darun, Vrishichka, Darunaj Aqrabi

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