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Fennel Seeds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fennel seeds might help control constipation. Fennel seeds are an upscale source of dietary fiber which is vital for correct functioning of the gastrointestinal system. The fiber increases the majority of your stool and pushes the stool smoothly, thus relieving constipation.

Yes, Fennel seeds might help in weight loss by improving your digestion. An improved gastrointestinal system enables your body to raised absorb nutrients. As a results of which it leaves you are feeling more satiated and help keep off your hunger pangs.

Yes, Fennel seeds (Saunf) could be 
good for babies because it acts as a digestive aid to alleviate flatulence

Fennel water has various benefits as Fennel seeds are full of certain constituents that helps improve various health conditions. Boiling the seeds with broth and drinking this might improve milk production in nursing mothers.

Fennel seeds are an efficient remedy for improving digestion. Certain constituents present in Fennel seeds help in relaxing the graceful muscles of the digestive system and manages problems like bloating and stomach cramps.

Fennel seeds help reduce bad breath thanks to its antimicrobial properties. It inhibits the expansion of bacteria within the mouth and combats bad breath. Chewing fennel seeds slowly increases the assembly of saliva within the mouth and helps in freshening the breath.

Yes, Fennel is taken into account to be good for the skin thanks to the presence of certain constituents and antioxidants. These antioxidants fight against free radicals and stop cell damage which provides a glow within the skin and slows down the aging process.

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