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Hadjod Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Extracts produced from the leaves of Hadjod are available in powder, capsule, or syrup form. All parts of this plant are wont to make herbal supplements including, leaf, root, and stem.

Hadjod helps reduce anxiety thanks to its anxiolytic properties. It contains certain constituents which are antioxidant in nature and fight against the free radicals to stop cell (neuron) damage. It also maintains the amount of certain neurotransmitters (GABA) which help reduce anxiety levels.

Although enough scientific evidence isn't available for the role of Hadjod in stomach ache, the stem of Hadjod could be useful in abdominal pain.

Cissus or Hadjod is understood to possess anti-inflammatory properties. This property helps provide aid within the treatment of arthritis (a condition characterized by swollen, stiff joints) and other inflammatory disorders.

Studies on the Hadjod or Cissus quadrangularis have shown efficacy within the management of weight loss and metabolic syndrome, particularly for central obesity. The presence of phytosterols and fiber extracts in Hadjod plants have certain properties that help reduce appetite, leading to lower food consumption.

Calcium is vital for healing bones. But, only calcium intake doesn't improve the speed of latest bone formation. the power for absorption and utilization of calcium must be increased also for a far better healing process. Certain amino acids present in Hadjod or Cissus like lysine help within the absorption of calcium. Hadjod acts by stimulating the metabolism and increasing uptake of minerals, calcium, and sulfur, which help in healing.

Hadjod and its supplements are safe to use when taken at the prescribed dosage. However, it's going to cause some minor side effects in some cases. These may include gas, diarrhea, dry mouth, headaches and insomnia. Diabetes patients and pregnant women should consult their doctor regarding its use.

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