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IndianJadiBooti Shital Chini - Kabab Chini - Tailed Pepper - Kawab Chini - Piper cubeba

Have you ever thought of What is Kabab Chini? It looks very similar to Black Pepper in appearance, then what is the difference? Is it same as Black Pepper , and another name of it? Here, we will answer all your queries about Kabab Chini in depth. It is a lesser known wonderful herb that is used in many Herbal, Ayurvedic and Unani Medicines.

Kabab Chini are the dried berries of the tree known as Piper Cubeba. The Piper Cubeba is called with the name of Cubeb in common language. Due to its pungent, flavourful and aromatic taste, it is used as the Spice in Indian Dishes and Cuisines, like Biryani.

The Top 8 Amazing Benefits of Kabab Chini are as follows:

  1. Sexual Wellness – Kabab Chini is widely used in medicines related to Sexual Wellness. It is very useful in the treatment of Low Sperm Count and Erectile dysfunction. Kababchini Powder consumed with Mishri and Milk regularly for 2 to 3 months may help in curing this issue.
  2. Swelling and Inflammation – The powder of Kababchini, also known as Shital Chini, due to its cooling properties, should be applied to the affected area. It significantly removes the swelling with in few Days.
  3. Mouth Ulcers and Swollen Gums – Kabab Chini Powder mixed with Hiney should be applied to Mouth Ulcer and Swollen Gums to have immediate relief.
  4. Mouth Wash – Kababchini powder Mouth Wash gives great results with in shorter period of time. To make it, take 20-30 pieces of Kabab chini, few pieces of Cinnamon, Few Mint Leaves, Few Basil Leaves, and a handful of Neem Leaves. Boil everything together in water until the water is left half. Strain it, and use it as Mouth wash regularly to remove mouth odour.
  5. Constipation and Indigestion – Kabab Chini is very useful in Stomach related disorders. It should be regularly used with Turmeric to resolve Stomach related issues like Indigestion, Bloating, and Gastro Intestinal issues.
  6.  Aromatic Spice – As we discussed above also, Kabab Chini is regularly used in Indian Spices due to its bitter, pungent and aromatic taste along with Bay Leaves, Cinnamon, Star Anise, and Black Cardamom. It will make your Biryani or Potpourri a must eat , if you’ll add a little Jaifal and Javitri along with Kabab Chini.
  7. Scalp Infections – It is very useful in curing the Scalp Infections. Mix few berries of Kabab Chini with Sesame Oil, Bhringraj, Haritaki and Champa Methi. Heat it for some time, and then massage the scalp with this oil to cure all kind of Scalp infections.
  8. Respiratory Disorders – Regular Intake of Kabab Chini helps in keeping Respiratory disorders at bay.

Other Names: Kabbaaba, Habb al-’aroos, Kharkoos, Kababchini, Sugandhmarich, Cubebs, Tailed-pepper, Java Pepper, False Pepper, Cubébe, Poivre à queue, Kubebenpfeffer, Schwanzpfeffer, Stielpfeffer, Chankabab, Chinikabab, Tadamiri, Kababchim, Kababchini, Sheetalchini, Sheetalmirch, Kankol, Gandhmenasu, Balmenasu, Piper cubeba Linn, Kankol, Kapurchini, Kankola, Kababah, Kababchini, Kababchini, Sardchini, Kankola, Kankolaka , Kababchini, Kababa, Kavab Chini, KavabChini, Pepar, Sard Cheeni

Frequently Asked Questions about Kababchini:

Q. How much Quantity of Kabab Chini can be used daily safely?

Ans. You can use 1 tablespoon of Kabab Chini Powder, or 10-12 pieces of it daily without any worries.

Q. Is there any side effect of Kabab Chini?

Ans. No, There is no side – effect of it, and can be regularly used in your diet and food. Still as we say, excess of everything is bad, so take it also in small proportions every day.

Q. What are other names of Kabab Chini?

Ans. Kabab Chini is also known as Shital Chini, Kankol Mirch, Kankola and Cubeb.

Q. What is Kabab Chini in Telugu?

Ans. It is known as Toka Miriyalu in Telugu.

Q. What is Kabab Chini in Marathi?

Ans. In Marathic, Kabab Chini is called as Kankol.

Q. What is the name of Kabab Chini in Gujarati?

Ans. It is known as Chinikabab in Gujarati

Q. What is the name of Kabab Chini in Malyalam?

Ans. It is known as  Valmulaku in Malyalam

Q What is Kabab Chini known as in Tamil?

Ans. Kabab Chini is known as Val Milagu in Tamil.

Q. What is Kabab Chini in Marathi?

Ans. Kababchini is known as Himsimiri in Marathi.

Q. What is Kabab Chini in English?

Ans. Kabab Chini is known as Java Pepper, and Cubeb in English.

Q. What is Kabab Chini in Hindi?

Ans. Kabab Chini is known as Kankol Mirch, and Kankola, Sheetal Chini, and Kabab Cheeni in Hindi.

Q. What is Kabab Chini in Gujarati?

Ans. Kabab Chini is known as Tadamiri in Gujrati.

Q. What is the difference between Kabab Chini and Black Pepper? How to differentiate between them?

Ans. Kabab Chini is very much similar in appearance as Black Pepper, however, there is a slight difference with which you can recognize Kabab Chini instantly. There is a small tail attached to a Kabab Chini, while Black pepper is all round. Also, In comparison to Black Pepper Kabab Chini has a slightly pungent and bitter taste.

Kabab Chini Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sheetal Chini or KababChini is a perennial woody climber with ash grey climbing stems and branches, rooted at the joints. The dried, fully-grown but unripe fruit is used for medicinal purposes. Fruits possess a spicy, aromatic odor and somewhat bitter and acrid in taste.
Piper Cubeba, Kankolaka, Cinosana, Cinatiksna, Kakkola, Kankolika, Kakkol, Kababcheni, Kahabchini, Sugandhamaricha, Cubebs, Tailed Pepper, Chanakabab, Chinikabab, Kababchini, Gandhamenasu, Balamenasu, Kushfal, Cheenamulaku, Takkolam, Valmulaku, Kankol, Sardchini, Vaali milaku, Valmilagu, Chalavamiriyalu, Tokamiriyalu
Yes, Sheetal chini can be used in foods as a condiment and flavouring ingredient due to its carminative property. It might aid in digestion and prevent flatulence.
Excess intake of Sheetal Chini can cause hyperacidity and regurgitation.

No, they are not similar. Sheetal Chini or Kabab Chini looks near similar to black pepper, but with stalks attached to the tail. This gives it a common name, tail pepper. The odor of tail pepper is aromatic and the taste is pungent and slightly bitter. Kabab Chini’s oil is not as peppery in the aroma as black pepper essential oil. It is softer, warm, and has a woody fragrance.

Yes, Sheetal Chini might act as natural antioxidant due to its free radical scavenging activity. Various components present in Sheetal chini have the ability to fight the free radicals and prevent cell damage.
According to Ayurveda, Kabab chini or Sheetal chini is pungent and bitter in taste. It is widely used to manage the symptoms of cough and cold.
Sheetal Chini may cause headache if not administered in proper doses.
Traditionally, a paste of Sheetal Chini had been used as a mouthwash for various oral problems including bad breath.

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