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IndianJadiBooti Kali Jiri – Kaali Jeeri – Kalijiri - Kaalijeeri - Centratherum Anthelminticum

The plant kalijiri, also referred to as bitter cumin, is widely cultivated in Southeast Asia and India. The seeds have a strong, bitter flavour and a brownish appearance. It is challenging to directly ingest raw seeds. They have long been a staple of traditional Ayurveda remedies.

The seed of the Centratherum Anthelminticum plant is referred to as kalijiri or bitter cumin. In many ancient Ayurveda remedies, kalijiri seeds are a common ingredient. They are very well-liked when combined with ajwain and methi to treat obesity and improve digestive health. Due to its potent antibacterial properties, it can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, which helps to lessen itchiness and skin irritation. As a potent blood purifier (more accurately, detoxifier), Kalijiri removes impurities from the blood and reduces the prevalence of several illnesses. For threadworms, tapeworms, and roundworms, Kali Jeeri has an excellent cure. Although it increases appetite, some people with sensitive palates may feel queasy due to its bitter flavour.

Due to their bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory effects, kalijiri seeds are helpful for respiratory conditions including asthma. Due to its capacity to encourage melanin formation, it is also helpful in vitiligo.

Due to its antibacterial characteristics, kalijiri is a component in Ayurveda lotions and oils used to treat skin ailments. Antioxidants found in Kalijiri hasten wound contraction, which aids in wound healing. According to Ayurveda, the Kashaya (astringent) quality of Kalijiri seeds paste assists with early wound healing when combined with Neem or Coconut oil.

Benefits Of Kalijiri

Vata and Kapha are the major Doshas involved in asthma. In the lungs, the vitiated "Vata" and disordered "Kapha dosha" combine to clog the breathing airways. Gasping and hard breathing follow from this. Swas Roga is the name given to this ailment (Asthma). Because to its balancing of Vata and Kapha and Ushna (hot) qualities, kalijiri aids in the management of asthma. Moreover, it facilitates breathing by removing the impediment.

The frequent ailment of cough typically comes along with a cold. In Ayurveda, it is referred to as Kapha disease. The buildup of mucus in the respiratory tract is the main cause of a cough. Because to its balancing of the Kapha and Ushna (hot) qualities, Kalijiri aids in the management of cough. It relieves discomfort by facilitating the simple ejection of built-up mucus.

Other Names: Purple Flebane, Kali Jeeri, Kalijiri, Karbi Jiri, Karba Jeera, Kaali Jeeri, Aryana Jeerak, Tikta Jeerak, Aryana Jeerak, Vana Jeerak, Kali Jeri

Kali jiri Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kalijiri seeds have a bitter taste. Taking Kalijiri seeds alone is difficult so it's taken along side other herbs like Methi and Ajwain.

No, Kalijiri and Jeera aren't an equivalent . Kalijiri is employed for its medicinal value and not much for cooking thanks to its bitter taste. Jeera on the opposite hand have a robust aroma also as flavor and may be a commonly used spice in Indian kitchen.

Yes, Kalijiri seeds might help in diabetes because it has anti-diabetic properties. It contains antioxidants which prevents the pancreatic cells from the damage caused by free radicals. This increases the amount of insulin and helps in managing diabetes.
Kalijiri seeds might help in hypertension because it has diuretic properties. It increases the assembly of urine and helps in excretion of sodium ions which relaxes the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.
Yes, Kalijiri seed might provide relief in breathing difficulties thanks to its bronchodilator property. It relaxes the respiratory passages and increases the airflow. It also reduces inflammation within the respiratory passages thanks to the presence of certain constituents that possess anti-inflammatory properties.
Yes, Kalijiri could be helpful in fever because it has antipyretic properties. It lowers blood heat and also reduces the pain related to fever thanks to its analgesic property.
Yes, Kalijiri seeds could be beneficial in fungal infections. It contains certain constituents that possess antifungal activities. It inhibits the expansion and multiplication of fungi liable for infections.
Yes, Kalijiri could be utilized in diarrhea thanks to its astringent properties. It helps in contraction of mucous membranes and reduce the discharge of mucous secretions. Kalijiri fruit is boiled with garlic and black pepper and its decoction is employed in diarrhea.
The seeds of the Kalijiri are utilized in traditional medicine for the evacuation of parasitic intestinal worms and showed positive leads to deworming young children and adults.
Yes, Kalijiri might help in skin injuries because it has wound healing property. It contains certain constituents which causes contraction of wound tissues and increases collagen production. It also reduces inflammation at wound site and promotes quick wound healing.

Kalijiri seeds are beneficial in digestive and respiratory problems. Using Kalijiri seeds as medicine helps to correct the poor digestion and provides relief in indigestion due to its Deepan and Pachan properties. along side that, these seeds have Kapha balancing nature which helps reduce the symptoms of the respiratory disease like asthma or difficulty of breathing.

Yes, Kalijiri leaves and fruits extract could be used as a natural preventive agent against the spread of mosquitoes. It helps in controlling mosquitoes by inhibiting the expansion of Anopheles mosquito at the larval stage thanks to its larvicidal property. Thus, preventing the spread of malaria.

Yes, the topical application of Kalijiri seeds might help in managing skin infections. it's strong antibacterial properties which inhibits the expansion of bacteria and prevents infections.

Kalijiri or Bitter Cumin does contain some constituents which possess anti-inflammatory properties. These inflammatory properties help to supply relief from blocked respiratory passages, thereby providing aid in treating breathing-related problems.

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