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Kesar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best thanks to store Saffron is to put it during a n airtight container and store in a cool, dark place, preferably at temperature . Avoid storing it in refrigerator because it tends to soak up moisture when taken out and kept at room conditions to be used .

Kesar doodh are often made reception during a simple way. All you would like to possess is milk, sugar, cardamom and a strand or two of Saffron. Boil milk and add sugar, cardamom powder and kesar to the milk and permit it to boil for jiffy . Pour it during a glass and drink when lukewarm.

Saffron can last long if stored properly in an airtight container and under preferable conditions. However, saffron powder can last for upto six months whereas saffron threads can last for up to 3 to 5 years.

Saffron could be good for the liver thanks to its hepatoprotective property. It also helps in proper digestion of food and helps in reducing the extent of toxic substances within the liver.
Saffron should be avoided if you're affected by manic depression , low vital sign , heart conditions or are on vital sign medications (blood thinners). it's safe to consult a doctor before taking Saffron to avoid herb-drug interaction and allergic reactions.

No,Saffron in not recommended for pregnant women because exposure to saffron is found to cause abortion, especially between first and twentieth week of pregnancy. It might be thanks to contraction or bleeding induced by Saffron[10]. there's no clear evidence if it are often taken after the 20 th week of pregnancy. If you would like to, then it's better to consult your doctor.

Although there are not any enough studies on the utilization of Saffron during lactation or breastfeeding, but if you think that of using it, better consult your doctor and discuss the pros and cons before using Saffron.
When consumed in limits (as advised by doctor), Saffron is safe. Studies have reported that intake of 15 mg of Saffron twice each day is found to cause no toxic effects on thyroid, liver, kidney and hematologic systems.
It is reported that Saffron may be a gastric tonic and suppresses the appetite. Saffron may be a digestive drug with astringent properties (ability to shrink or constrict body tissues). It also cleanses the stomach by eliminating toxins from the body.

1. Yellowing of eyes and skin.
2. Vomiting
3. Diarrhea
4. Numbness
5. Dizziness

Saffron may cause vomiting and nose bleeding thanks to its Ushna virya (hot) potency if taken in high dose and for a protracted time.

Saffron tea contains certain constituents that help to manage depression, anxiety and mood disorders. It contains quite 150 compounds that act as relaxant, help in relieving stress, improving memory also as sight. Saffron tea may additionally  help in managing vital sign , sexual wellness, stomach and heart problems.
Yes, Saffron has the potential to suppress appetite thereby reducing compulsive eating or overeating. It also cleanses the body thus removing toxins and thereby promoting weight loss.
Yes, Saffron might help in enhancing the immunity because it consists of certain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory components that improve body metabolism. This helps fight against various disorders and infections.
The flavonoids present in Saffron is understood to guard the skin against the harmful UV radiation and thus, prevent skin tanning and pigmentation.
Yes, Saffron might help control acne thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It inhibits the expansion of acne-causing bacteria (S. aureus) and reduces the redness and pain around acne.

Although Saffron is employed to treat skin pigmentation [2], there's no clear evidence for the utilization of this herb to treat wounds and skin infections. Hence, it's advised to not use an equivalent to urge obviate skin infection or wounds and consult your doctor if have any queries.

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