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Deity Poshak, Chunris and Flags

We at IndianJadiBooti offers a wide range of authentic designer gods and goddess dresses, and poshaks, and flags. 

Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001549
Jai hanuman Printed red cotton patka/stole  ,(set of 10)  size 10* 125 cm  हनुमान सबसे लोकप्रिय हिंदू देवताओं में से एक हैं। वह सेवा (सेवा), भक्ति (भक्ति) और समर्पण (समर्पण, अहंकारहीनता) का अवतार है। वह शिव के अवतार हैं। उन्हें अंजनी देवी के पुत्र पवन-देवता (मरुता) का पुत्र भी माना..
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001450
Maa Baglamukhi is a significant deity revered at Shree Peetambara Peeth. Considered an embodiment of the divine feminine, she is believed to have the power to overcome barriers and adversaries. The temple is a popular destination for devotees seeking her blessings. The deity is thought to have t..
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001059
indianjadibooti Mata Rani Chunri in Red Colour Prem Se Bolo Jai Mata Di  printed with golden lace border. Mata ki chunri for all goddess (Dimensions: 9.4 inches in length and 17.5 inches in width) 10 PCS red chunri featuring prints of Mata Rani with the phrase "prem sae bo..
Rs299 Rs250
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001056
Order Online IndianJadiBooti Mata Ki Chunri   (Length 45  *Width 30 Cm)  10 PCS Mata Ki Chunri For All Goddess (Dimensions: 45 cm Length * 30 cm Width) – Pack of 10 Red net chunri adorned with small round golden dots and a beautiful..
Rs400 Rs290
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001058
Order Online Indianjadibooti Jai Mata Di Printed Mata Chunrui (length 33 *width 9 inch) Mata Ki Chunri for All Goddess (Dimensions: 85 cm length * 23 cm width). This red Chunri is adorned with prints of Mata Rani and the phrase "Prem Sae Bolo Jai Mata Di." I..
Rs400 Rs299
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001054
Order Online IndianJadiBooti Mata Ki Chunri - Full Size - (170 cm * 105 cm) - Pack Of 1 - Mata Chunri Red in Net with Beautiful Flower Design, Golden Lace Border, Very Attractive. Full size (LB : 170105 CM). This cloth is draped around deity idols and altars, made from auspiciou..
Rs370 Rs330
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001055
Order Online IndianJadiBooti Mata Ki Chunri - Full Size - (191 cm * 97 cm) - Pack Of 1 - Mata Chunri in red net adorned with intricate and heavy golden sequence work, featuring an attractive border. Full size (LB: 19197 CM). It is draped around deity idols and altars using auspi..
Rs370 Rs330
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: POOJ001263
Devi Mata Poshak Set of 2 (Dimensions: 4.5 * 7 inches) by IndianJadiBooti This exquisite heavy embroidery Devi Mata Poshak dress is crafted by hand, combining laces, silk fabric, and zari work. It’s an ideal outfit for Maa Durga during Navratri celebrations. Made from silk and adorned with ..
Rs270 Rs190
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001313
Indianjadibooti Goddess Deity Poshak For - Radha Statue / Laxmi Statue / Sita Statue / Devi Poshak / Durga Mata dress / Navratri   Special Size 6 Inch - for Standing Idol Figure set of 4 Poshak This beautiful Heavy Embroidery Design Devi Mata Poshak..
Rs350 Rs299
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001047
  Order Online IndianJadiBooti Golden Red Hanuman Chola/ Hanuman Vastra, Dress , for Idol/god - Every Devotee of Hanumanji Must Recite Hanuman Chalisa Every Day Or At Least On Tuesday. And to Please Him Soon On Purnima Offer A Saffron Or Chola To Him At a Temple. It ..
Rs500 Rs349
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: POOJ001278
Gomukhi Hare Krishna Jaap Bag (Pack of 5) by IndianJadiBooti The term Gomukhi translates to 'in the shape of a cow's mouth,' referring to a small bag that resembles the mouth of a cow. Both the mala and your right hand are placed inside the Gomukhi, keeping them hidden from view. ..
Rs290 Rs250
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001080
Hanuman Ji Photo Jai Shree Ram Printed Flag (Length 75 * Width 88 Cm) Maroon Yellow Colour Golden Gotta Patti Border Triangular Pack Of four Flag by IndianJadiBooti Shree Hanuman ji Flag/Dhawaj To Install In Temple, Home, prayer Altar Etc. Shree Hanuman ji  Print On Flags  And Pieces Of..
Rs355 Rs299
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