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Punarnava roots Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, it possesses significant antihypertensive properties that help to stay high vital sign . Moreover, it's a diuretic that helps increase renal blood flow, which further contributes to its antihypertensive actions.

Yes, Punarnava leaf extract administration helps increase the hemoglobin level of blood and thereby the oxygen-carrying capacity.

Yes, Punarnava could also be good for the kidneys. it's diuretic and anti inflammatory properties thanks to which it's going to be useful in reducing the danger of inflammatory kidney diseases. In traditional medicine, Punarnava has been wont to manage kidney stones and kidney disorders.

Yes, Punarnava could be good for the eyes because it helps in managing cataract. The presence of antioxidants in Punarnava help prevent damage caused by free radicals to the attention lens which is liable for cataract formation. it'd even be useful for managing the symptoms of conjunctivitis, itching and eye infections thanks to its anti-inflammatory activity.

Yes, Punarnava might help manage stomach disorders like constipation thanks to its laxative property. It helps provide relief from abdominal pain and gas thanks to its flatulent and powerful laxative properties. It also aids in digestion and helps in managing weight by controlling the appetite

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