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Reseller and Distributorship Enquiries

Ayurveda is one of the nations fastest growing and increasing industries due to the fact that health has recently taken precedence above all other concerns. The market for pure ayurvedic products—those without chemicals, preservatives, additional colours, or fragrance—has grown tremendously as a result of this.

IndianJadiBooti Products has earned enormous popularity in recent times due to its highest quality items. We are the fastest-growing Ayurvedic products retailer and wholeseller offering one stop solution to Direct customers, Ayurvedic doctors, herbalists, and manufacturers of Ayurvedic medicines.

It's time to open your own ayurvedic herb business. Pick a recession-free industry.

Why you should resell IndianJadiBooti Products:

-- Our Ayurvedic herbs work as a tuner, bringing the body into harmony and completely healing the patient's issue.
-- Our Herbs are without any preservatives, colours, flavours, or fragrances, and are 100 percent pure.
-- We have thousands of raw herbs, seeds, dried flowers, spices, gums, and resins in our vast collection offering you a great variety to choose.

IndianJadiBooti is constantly growing its business on a variety of fronts with adding new resellers in every location. The company has plans to soon enter the PAN India market through resellers and distributors.

The goal of IndianJadiBooti is to extend your life, keep you healthy, and bring Ayurveda into every home, even those in the most remote locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What requirements must one meet in order to sell IndianJadiBooti products?
IndianJadiBooti is looking for people with good business sense, a solid work ethic, strong ties to the community, and a willingness to adhere to our tried-and-true method.

Q2: I already have a store with ayurvedic goods from other brands. Can I also sell IndianJadiBooti merchandise with it?
We have no issues if you offer different brands in your store because IndianJadiBooti has its own specialised area in the Ayurvedic Market, and can co-exist with other Brands.

Q3: What will it cost me, that is what is the minimum budget?
It's a low risk, high reward scenario. You can start with us with as little as Rs 25,000, if you already have a store and selling other products.

Q4: What kinds of commissions might we anticipate?
We provide the resellers a pretty good margin. The margins vary depending on the money you have set aside, but they are guaranteed to be excellent.


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