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IndianJadiBooti Sarpgandha Roots - Snake Root - Rauvolfia Serpentina

Sarpagandha means snakeroot in Sanskrit because the plant's root is twisted and resembles a snake. Sarpagandha produces alkaline reserpine, which has antihypertensive and antipsychotic effects on the human body. 

The following are the benefits and therapeutic uses of sarpagandha. Roots of Rauvolfia serpentina, also known as Indian snakeroot, devil's pepper, or serpentine wood (Sarpagandha). Sarpagandha has a variety of therapeutic qualities.

These are some examples: 

  • Lowering blood sugar levels
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Anti-diarrheal activity
  • Enhancing cardiac beat
  • Properties of sedation
  • Enhancing digestion
  • Laxative effects 

The primary active component is alkaline reserpine derived from the plant. Sarpagandha Ghan Vati alleviates hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, constipation, fever, and manias.

This medicine can also help with sexual aggression and vertigo. It has hypnotic and sedative effects. Sarpagandha is commonly used to treat schizophrenia. 

Sarpagandha Root Applications:

  • Serpentina roots and juice have been regarded to have therapeutic potential since ancient times, garnering the attention of physicians. This plant's roots are high in reserpine alkaloid, which is employed in the manufacturing of sleep-inducing and blood pressure-lowering medications. This plant's root is a good cure for unpleasant gastrointestinal conditions. The roots of this plant are used to treat a range of central nervous system problems. 
  • Sarpagandha root powder is an effective natural treatment for managing hypertension.
  • Sarpagandha lowers blood pressure and improves circulation by dilating blood vessels and modulating nerve action in the muscles leading to the heart. 
  • Sarpagandha is useful in treating anxiety disorders. Vata is responsible for all body movements and nervous system activities, according to Ayurveda. Anxiety is primarily caused by a Vata imbalance.Sarpagandha helps to alleviate anxiety symptoms due to its Vata-balancing effects.
  • When people suffer insomnia, they have difficulty sleeping even after a long day. Sarpagandha has been shown to be effective in the treatment of insomnia when mixed with other substances. According to Ayurveda, a disrupted Vata dosha disturbs the neurological system, resulting in sleeplessness. Sarpagandha's sleep-inducing qualities aid in the relaxation of the nervous system and the promotion of peaceful sleep.
  • Sarpagandha also includes ingredients that aid in fever reduction. In Ayurveda, ama is a poison that accumulates in the body as a result of faulty digestion. Fever can be triggered by an Ama buildup in the body. Ushna, a property of Sarpagandha, aids in fever reduction. Sarpagandha is also said to have laxative effects, which aid in constipation relief.
  • Sarpagandha is also used to treat skin conditions such as boils and acne. It is also used to treat scabies in some parts of India. 
  • The dried roots of Sarpagandha are turned into tablets and used to treat malaria. Sarpagandha is utilised as a component in a variety of herbal remedies to lower malarial fever in as little as a week. Indian snakeroot has also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of eye problems and the early stages of pneumonia.
  • Some native tribes utilise the powder or juice extracted from the plant to cure asthma. In Rajasthan and Bangladesh, Sarpagandha is used to relieve headaches.

Sarpgandha roots Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sarpagandha is also known as ‘Indian snakeroot’. It is an important medicinal plant distributed in the foot-hills of the Himalayan range. It has long tapering snake-like roots which are a rich source of reserpine alkaloids. This alkaloid is used in the manufacture of anti-hypertensive and sedative medicines. The roots are also used in Ayurvedic and other systems of medicines for curing a wide range of ailments.
Rauwolfia Serpentina, Chandra, Chandrika, Chota-Chand, Pagla-Ka-Dawa, Patalagandhi, SnakeRoot, Snakewood.
Use of Sarpagandha or Indian snakeroot should be avoided if you have low blood pressure. This is because the herb may lower blood pressure even further.
Sarpagandha or Indian snakeroot contains active components which help manage diabetes and its related complications. However, patients on diabetic medication should consult their doctor before taking Sarpagandha or Indian snakeroot. It might cause sugar levels to go too low if taken with other antidiabetic medicines.
Long-term use of Sarpagandha or Indian snakeroot may cause depression. Other than that, it may cause symptoms like nasal congestion, changes in appetite and weight, nightmares, drowsiness, and loose stools.
Insomnia is a sleep disorder. People with insomnia find difficulty in sleeping even when they are tired. Sarpagandha or Indian snakeroot when used with other herbal ingredients is found to be useful in the treatment of insomnia. However, its use in treating the condition alone is not known.
Constipation is a condition where you may have fewer than 3 bowel movements a week. The roots of the plant Sarpagandha or Indian snakeroot show some laxative properties which can help in providing relief from constipation.

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