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Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001354
 Evil Eye Bracelet,(Free Size) Evil Eye Hanging , (Length 18.5*Width 5cm) Weight 61 gm ,Nazar Dosh Batti (10 batti) Evil Eye Bracelets are designed to repel negative energies and provide protection to their wearers. The protection offered by the Evil Eye charm absorbs ..
Rs570 Rs530
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001141
(Length 22.5 * Width 6.2 ) (Weight 76 Gm) Order Online IndianJadiBooti Feng Shui Evil Eye Blue Om Eye Amulet Car/Home Hanging, Nazar Kavach With Om (22 CM) - This wall hanging displays blue and silver evil eye beads along with a horse. It safeguards your home and workplace ..
Rs570 Rs530
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001162
Order Online IndianJadiBooti Evil Eye Nazar Suraksha Kawach Crystal Yantra for Pooja, Health, Wealth, Protection, Prosperity and Success - This Special Hanging Charm Combines Energies From Both Symbols To Protect You Against Harm Caused By Jealous Competitors, Colleagues, Politi..
Rs540 Rs500
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001004
Order Online IndianJadiBooti  Metal Wall Hanging Nazar Battu, Evil Eye Protector Nazar Suraksha Kawach (17 * 17 cm) - Nazar Battu For Home It Spreads Peace And Harmony In Your House. Metal Evil Eye Protector Wall Hanging, Najar Battu, Home Protection Metal Mahakaal Mask..
Rs549 Rs390
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001037
Order Online IndianJadiBooti Nazar Bhattu/Najar Battu/Nazr Raksha Beads for Protection from Evil Eye for Men/Women Set of 5 Beads -   Nazar Battu For Protection From Evil Eye And Envy People. Nazar Battu Bead Is Black Colored Small Raw Fruit Obtained From Tree. It Is..
Rs260 Rs220
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: POOJ000962
Order Online IndianJadiBooti Nazar Battu Raksha Kawach/Ashtadhatu Yantra (Gold_1.5 x 30 cm) for Evil Eye Protection -   It Can Be Tied If Front Of The Vehicle, Agricultural Instruments As Well As Around The Cattle To Get Rid Of The Same. It Is A Sign Of Protection And P..
Rs260 Rs220
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001081
Order Online IndianJadiBooti Sidh Nazar Dosh Niwaran Batti / Evil Eye Removal Cotton Wick Strands - Evil Eye Is Mostly The Result Of Jealousy So Do Not Boast Of Anything In Front Of Others. As The Word Indicates, Evil Eye Is Bad Eye. Almost All The Religions Of The World Acce..
Rs280 Rs240
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