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Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB000865
Hindus utilise sindoor, a powder that has been related to childhood lead poisoning when accidentally consumed, for religious and cultural purposes. Hindus utilise sindoor, an orange or red powder, for ceremonial and cultural purposes. Married women can display their marital status and wis..
Rs310 Rs270
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: POOJ001246
Enhance Your Worship Experience with the 16 Item Shringar Kit for Devi Maa Discover the Significance Offering this 16-item Shringar kit to Goddess Durga reflects heartfelt devotion and gratitude. It is rooted in the belief that Shiva's devotees offer ornaments to Prakriti (Shakti), rep..
Rs390 Rs350
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: POOJ001233
The kit contains: Ahoi Mata poster, kalash, batase, agarbatti, kapoor, diyas, pooja batti, Katha book, roli, kalawa, akshat, wheat, and 16 items for Shringar dedicated to Devi Maa. This festival is observed as a fast kept by mothers for the well-being of their children. It is primarily celebrate..
Rs1,140 Rs1,100
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001044
Why Do We Offer Flowers in Puja? People see flowers as an expression of their deep devotion, known as "Astha." Presenting flowers during puja is a way to pray for good health, wealth, and prosperity from the deity### Why Do We Embellish God with Flowers? In a symbolic manner, offering ..
Rs330 Rs290
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001285
Can be used for Puja of all Deities, everyday tilak and as ink for writing Vedic Yantras. No harmful chemicals used. All natural ingredients. It automatically mixes / dissolves in water without efforts. Keeps forehead cool and mind calm. Perfect product for Donation to Temples and Saints. Asht..
Rs280 Rs240
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: POOJ001205
Kit includes: A Baglamukhi Poster, Yellow Cloth, Turmeric (p), Lamp, Pooja Wick, Baglamukhi Yantra, White Sesame, Turmeric Knot, Rice Grains, Havan Samagri, Jaggery, Yellow Sandalwood, Incense, Ganges Water, Betel Nut, Camphor, Dupatta, Cosmetic Items, Yellow Mustard, Incense Sticks, Sacred Thread. ..
Rs1,440 Rs1,400
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: POOJ001201
The kit contains: a Bal Bhairav poster, incense, a lamp, black sesame seeds, black gram, oil, Bhairav Chalisa, rice, sandalwood, black cloth, sacred thread, jaggery, incense sticks, honey, perfume, sacred thread, vermilion, cloves, cardamom, betel nut, turmeric (powder). Batuk Bhairav is believed t..
Rs1,240 Rs1,200
Bhojpatra (Big Size) ( 9 x 7.5 Inch) - Bhoj Patra - Bhurj - Bhojpatr - Bhojpattar - Birch - Betula Utilis by IndianJadiBooti Bhojpatra (Big Size) ( 9 x 7.5 Inch) - Bhoj Patra - Bhurj - Bhojpatr - Bhojpattar - Birch - Betula Utilis by IndianJadiBooti
Authentic and Genuine Herbs
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB000795
IndianJadiBooti What is Bhoj Patra: The Bhoj Patra tree is a species of birch native to the Himalayas. In ancient India, the bark of this tree was used for writing Sanskrit scriptures and texts. The white, paper-like bark of the tree was used in ancient times for writing Sanskrit scriptures and t..
Rs300 Rs260
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: POOJ001227
Ganesh Poster, Gulal, Kumkum, Akshat, Pooja Batti, Haldi (p), Kapoor, Chandan, Kalash, Sahad, Kalawa, NagNagin Joda, Navgrah Dhatu, Itra, Supari, Dhoop, Peeli Sarso, Kaudi, Panch Mewa, Kacha Dhaga, Laung i lachi, Sapt Mratika, Diya, Navdhanya, Janeu, Navgrah Samidha, Lal Kapda, Laghu Nariyal, Aart..
Rs1,440 Rs1,400
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001018
White, 145 GM, Length: 11 to 13 CM, Width: 4.5 cm, Height: 5 cm The blowing conch shell, also known as Shankh, that opens towards the left hand is called the Vamavarti Shankh. These are the most frequently found and are utilized for various religious ceremonies. The unique structure of these larger..
Rs615 Rs575
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001041
Brass Pooja Ghanti (Length 12-14 Cm, Weight 160 Gm) by IndianJadiBooti Temple bells play a crucial role in puja ceremonies. While performing aarti, where a lighted lamp is rotated in a circular motion to illuminate the deity, these bells are used. The sound they produce helps to mask any unwanted o..
Rs440 Rs400
Brand: IndianJadiBooti Model: HERB001078
Indianjadibooti Brass Pooja Thali Set (Length 16 cm, Weight 350 gm) by IndianJadiBooti Significance of a Puja Thali: The use of a puja plate is an important aspect of worship in Hindu tradition. It is believed that the arrangement of different items in the plate holds spiritual importance. From a ..
Rs920 Rs880
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