Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic science that employs a wide variety of herbs combined with metals, minerals, or gems known as rasha shastra medicines. Gandhak Rasayan or Yellow Sulphur or Amlasar is one such mineral. These formulations are taken as powders, pellets, and tablets to treat various infections and improve overall health and well-being.

Pure Amlasar - Gandhak Rasayan - Yellow Sulphur

Therapeutic Indications of Gandhak Amlasar:

Gandhak Rasayan or Yellow Sulphur or Amlasar is well-known for boosting immunity, fertility, and potency, as well as increasing body strength, stamina, and nourishment. It also aids in stimulating digestion and improving reproductive health in both men and women. 

Other Names: Gandhak, Amlasaar , Amalsar, Amla Sar, Amlasar, Ghandak Amlasar, Aamlasar ghandak gandhak, Yellow Sulfur, Yellow Sulphur, Yellow Sulfar ghandak, Gandhaka ghandak gandhak, Amla Sar amlasaar, Gandakh, Gandak, Amalsaar amlasaar amalsar ghandak gandhak yellow sulphur, Sulphar, Amalasar, Gandakam, amalsar gandhak, gandhak amla saar

Remedies Urticaria:

Tiny red spots that appear on the skin as a result of an allergic reaction to allergens cause itching and burning. Gandahak Rasayan is a popular Ayurvedic medicine known for its powerful antimicrobial and anthelmintic properties.

When combined with Jasad bhasma and Haridra Khand, this formulation is effective in alleviating symptoms associated with skin problems. When the burning sensation becomes too intense, add giloy satva, praval pishti, motipishti, and Mukta sukti pishi. 


When taken internally, Gandhak Rasayan (Yellow Sulphur) is effective at relieving itching and scabies rashes. Topical application of neem oil or neem leaves and turmeric paste works wonders in preventing this infection. 

Treats Acne:

Gandhak rasayan's natural skin-soothing properties help to reduce acne and pimples. It works by purifying the blood, removing dirt and impurities, unclogging pores, and preventing secondary infections. It is best when combined with Shankh Bhasma and Mukta Sukti Bhasma. 

Detoxifies The Body:

Gandhak Rasayan is useful in treating upper respiratory tract infections, as well as breathing difficulties caused by a bacterial infection in the lungs. This rasayan aids the body's elimination of harmful toxins from the lungs and improves lung function.