Amaltas, commonly referred to as Cassia fistula or the Golden Shower Tree, is a well-liked plant in Ayurveda medicine and is effective for treating a number of medical issues. There are various names for this tree, but the most popular ones are Pupping pipe, Golden Shower, Aragvadha, and Indian Laburnum.

Amaltas is common in Pakistan and India, as well as in a few regions of Southeast Asia. It is grown in many areas of India due to its broad beneficial characteristics.

Amaltas Pulp - Amaltas Guda - Aragvadha - Rajvraksha - Cassia Fistula Pulp

During lunch and dinner, taking Amaltas Pulp, also known as Amaltas Ka Guda with warm water may help control blood sugar levels since it boosts insulin secretion as a result of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, because it enhances body metabolism, it aids in weight management. Due to its diuretic effect, Amaltas (Cassia Fistula) may also aid in the management of urological conditions and the elimination of toxins from the body by boosting urine production. Due to its antipyretic (fever decreasing) and antitussive (cough alleviating) properties, it is also helpful for fever and cough. Because Amaltas fruit pulp paste has a laxative effect, consuming it with warm water can help treat constipation.

Using a paste made from Amaltas Pods and either honey or cow's milk can help to reduce pain and inflammation. Because Amaltas leaf paste has antibacterial and antifungal characteristics, you can also use it to aid wound healing and treat skin infections.

Health Benefits of Amaltas Gooda

Good for Heart Health
The one is one of these uses for amaltas. Amaltas is helpful for your heart because it reduces your body's cholesterol levels. Also, using this promising herb strengthens the cardiac muscles, improving heart health in the process.

Fever Control
Amaltas' ability to reduce fever is one of its other medical benefits. You can use its water to lower the high fever. You can extract the extract from amaltas by boiling it in water. The potential of amalatas to lower or prevent fever is characterised as an antipyretic, according to study.

Stronger Immune Responses
You need a strong immune system in order to combat bacterial or fungal infections as well as the seasonal flu. But, you can utilise amaltas if you naturally want to develop a powerful and robust immune system. Amaltas' immune-boosting qualities are due to a number of healthful nutrients as well as its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics.