Today, the problem of cholesterol has become very common. When everyone is suffering from this disease, black cumin balances your cholesterol level, if you regulate its use, it helps you to reduce your cholesterol content because it helps many of its properties.

If your abdominal pain problem is for several days and it is not going to end with the root, you start to regulate the use of black cumin and if someone has a stomach pain problem, mix the black cumin seeds and sugar in equal quantities. It has to be eaten by a lot of chewing, the juice from the cumin gives immediate relief to the abdominal pain.

By mixing the good with black cumin, eating it two to three times a day, the body temperature is balanced and eating roasted cumin also gives you relief in fever.

Black cumin seeds are very beneficial for those who are deficient in blood. It is a good source of iron. For pregnant women, it is like nectar, if you are deficient in iron, you must use it because it helps us to increase the mere iron.
Black cumin not only benefits for our skin but is also very beneficial for our hair, the only difference is that cumin is used black here, not the black cumin seeds that are used in the kitchen, but separate black cumin seeds.
kali jeera Mutral (diuretic) qualities aid in the treatment of urinary tract infections.
It improves urinary tract infection symptoms by increasing urine flow.

Health Benefits Of Kala Jeera:

kali jeera Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

In rat models, the anti-inflammatory efficacy of petroleum ether and alcoholic extracts of Kalijiri seeds has been thoroughly reported.

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