Remarkable Advantages of Harad: From Boosting Digestion to Easing Piles

Harad, widely known as Haritaki, is a renowned herb that is one of the three components in Triphala—a popular home remedy in India. Esteemed in Ayurveda for its myriad benefits, Harad (Halela Siyah) is believed to balance the tridoshas, which include bile, phlegm, and vata. It is particularly advantageous for digestive ailments.

Harad's Extraordinary Benefits:

Harad is noted for enhancing sexual well-being and resolving related issues. The dried fruit of the Terminalia chebula tree, Harad, is called by various names including Kadukkai, Karakakaya, Kadukka Podi, and Harra, among others. The Terminalia chebula tree flourishes in India's lower Himalayan regions, reaching from the Ravi River to East Bengal and Assam. Commonly referred to as Black Harad in everyday language, it boasts numerous names in Ayurveda like Kayastha, Pranada, Amrita, Medhya, and Vijaya. Harad is a staple in various Ayurvedic medications and is employed to treat numerous conditions, notably fever, bloating, nausea, gas, and piles. Here we shed light on some of its key benefits:

Relief from Vomiting:

Harad can alleviate nausea and vomiting. If you are feeling queasy or are on the verge of vomiting, Black Harad (Halela Siyah) can come to your aid. Mixing Kali Harad powder with honey can prevent vomiting if consumed before heading out.

Beneficial for Piles:

Harad can offer relief for those suffering from piles, a condition characterized by swollen veins around the anus, resulting in pain and wart-like formations. To use Kali Harad (Halela Siyah) for piles, boil it in water and consume it once it cools slightly.

Aids Digestion:

Harad enhances the digestive process and alleviates gas and indigestion. To use, drink a mixture of Black Harad (Halela Siyah) and half a cup of water to resolve digestive problems.

Effective Against Diarrhea:

For diarrhea relief, Harad chutney can be beneficial. Eating chutney made from raw Harad 3-4 times a day can curb diarrhea.

Reduces Inflammation:

Harad can alleviate inflammatory issues and swelling. Using Harad blended with cow urine can be helpful in such conditions.

Addresses Sexual Problems:

Harad can also improve sexual health and energy, although prolonged use can have adverse effects. Consuming 1 to 2 grams of Small Black Harad (Halela Siyah) daily for a month can enhance sexual vitality.

Other Names: Harad, Bal harad, Himaj, Kali Harar, Harad Choti, Haritki, Haleela, Hartaki, Halila, Harade, Hareer, Harda Chota, Himage, Hirada