1. Kaju

The more you talk about IndianJadiBooti kaju will be less. Because cashew nut is rich in nutrients and slightly bitter, hot and pacifying Vata-pitta and Kapha. Apart from this, cashew is beneficial in diseases like stomach diseases, fever, worms, wounds, white leprosy, collection (irritable bowel syndrome), piles and loss of appetite. Its root is a strong laxative (removal of unwanted substances from the body) and helps in removing weakness. Cashew seeds are nutritious, softening and help in reducing toxins.


2. Badam

Badam tree is about 8 meters high and is of medium size. The flower of almonds is white, or light red in colour. IndianJadiBooti Badam is used as a dried fruit. In the beginning, the upper part of the almond fruit is slightly tender, but after some ripening, the upper part becomes a little hard. When almonds are fully prepared, it is very tasty, nutritious and nutritious. There are many benefits of eating almonds.

3. Anjeer

You eat dry fruits like cashews, raisins, almonds because you know that there are many nutritious elements that benefit the body inside these dry fruits, but do you know that figs like these fruits. It is also a very beneficial dry fruit. Do you know that the consumption of IndianJadiBooti anjeer has many benefits for the body? You can make the body healthy by using figs, you can cure skin or pancreatic disorders. Not only this, but you can also treat many diseases using figs.


4. Kishmish

The benefits of eating IndianJadiBooti kishmish are many, to date you must have eaten raisins only like a dry fruit. But do you know that raisins made by drying grapes are very beneficial for health? By eating raisins where you can protect the body from many diseases. So there you can make daily food very tasty too.


5. Khubani

Apricots are popular all over the world because of their sour-sweet taste. Its beautiful shape and distinct taste can make any food lover go crazy. Being nutritious, IndianJadiBooti khubani is juicy fruit that is also used in many types of dishes. To stay healthy, you can also include apricots in your diet along with other fruits.

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