The majority of dandelion research has been conducted on animals rather than humans. Dandelion has long been used as a diuretic to promote urine production and flush out excess fluid in the body. It has been used for a variety of illnesses, including high blood pressure and liver issues, when a diuretic may be beneficial. The use of dandelion as a diuretic in humans, however, has not been adequately studied.

Dandelion herb, whether fresh or dried, is also used to soothe an upset stomach and to mildly stimulate appetite. Dandelion plant roots have been used to aid digestion and may have a slight laxative effect. According to preliminary study, dandelion may aid to enhance liver and gallbladder function. However the design of this study was poor.
Dandelion herbs and roots are available fresh or dried as tinctures, liquid extracts, teas, pills, and capsules, among other forms. You can buy dandelion by itself or in combination with other nutritional supplements.

Health Benefits of Dandelion

Dandelions are edible, and due to their flavor—a somewhat bitter, grassy flavor—some people view the greens as a delicacy.

Some think dandelion roots, in particular, can help treat, prevent, or manage a wide range of unrelated medical issues. Traditional Chinese medicine and other traditional or folk treatments have been using the herb for millennia.