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Prepare yourself for some shocking information if you are one of those people who throws away lemon peels after extracting the juice. All your life, you have been denying yourself the health benefits of lemon peels. Yes! Nutritionally speaking, lemon peels are more potent than lemons. They are rich in pectin, calcium, potassium, fibre, AHAs, and flavonoids including d-limonene in addition to vitamin C.

Lemon is a common component in our kitchens and refrigerators because of its many uses and health advantages. Without a hint of lemon, a platter of freshly cut salad and that cool glass of lemonade are all but insufficient. It is a nutritional powerhouse that enhances flavour.

Health Benefits Of Lemon Peel Powder

Boosts immunity
Lemon peel's high antioxidant content can enhance your immune system and increase its capacity to fight disease and infection.

Improves digestion
Long used as a digestive aid is lemon zest. Lemon peel contains a lot of pectin, a soluble fibre that encourages bile production and prevents indigestion and constipation.

Supports oral health
Lemon peel's antibacterial characteristics aid in preventing the development of bacteria that can result in gum infections and cavities in the teeth.