Skin Benefits of Phitkari White - Fitkari Safed - Potash Alum

How Phitkari White - Fitkari Safed - Potash Alum looks like?

Let's look at some of the amazing skin advantages of alum.

Acne Benefits of Phitkari

Every girl's worst nightmare is acne or a little pimple on her face, but what if phitkari can help you fight acne and pimples? Doesn't it sound amazing? Simply combine phitkari powder and water to produce a fine paste. Apply the paste to the affected area, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then wash it away. Use this paste on a daily basis to get rid of acne and you will be amazed at the results.

Tightening of the Skin

Having saggy and loose skin is a serious problem that only worsens with age. Alum is back to help you, and phitkari offers you tight, lustrous skin. Make a paste of phitkari powder and water and apply it to your face. Wash it with water after a half-hour wait. Combine rose water and egg white for even greater results.

Phitkari is poised to tackle yet another face problem, wrinkles, which it can effectively repair. To get rid of wrinkles, moisten a solid piece of alum and apply it on your face for a few minutes. After washing your face with rose water, moisturise it.

To Lighten Dark Underarms

Hair removal creams cause your white underarm to darken. Every week, apply a phitkari paste with rose water to the damaged area to repair it.

Benefits of Phitkari for Teeth

Bacterial growth, which creates toxins and acids, is undeniably one of the primary causes of bad breath. Washing with an alum mouthwash both inhibits and removes bacterial development. In a glass of warm water, dissolve one gramme of alum and a pinch of rock salt, then rinse the mouth with the solution. It is not advised to consume because it can cause nausea. You should seek the advice of a dentist.

Make a paste with one gramme of alum, some rock salt, and a pinch of cinnamon for weak teeth, bleeding gums, and dental cavities. To enjoy the great advantages of Alum for teeth, gently massage it into the gums and then rinse your mouth. Along with this treatment, consume barley grass juice on a daily basis for the antioxidants and calcium it contains, which aid in gum healing.

To Remove Hair

What if I told you everything you're about to read is true? You're probably astonished right now, but it's true. In ancient times, women used phitkari paste to remove undesired hair. To eliminate hair, apply a mixture of 12 teaspoon phitkari and one teaspoon rose water to the affected area. Add some rose water if the paste looks to be drying off. Wash it with water after a half-hour wait.This paste can be used to assist prevent or halt hair growth after waxing or threading.

To Combat Dandruff

Phitkari can assist with dandruff, which is another widespread concern nowadays. Wash your hair with shampoo containing a pinch of phitkari and salt. In addition, your hair will change dramatically.

Lice Treatment

Make a paste of phitkari water and oil to get rid of lice. Leave this mixture on your hair for a few minutes. In no time, you'll be lice-free.

Canker Soles Treatment

On treat canker soles, apply a little pinch of phitkari to the sole and leave it on for 30 seconds. It has to be completely cleaned. This method should be repeated 2-3 times per day until your soles are healed.

Shaving with Alum

For millennia, alum has been used as an aftershave treatment. You may not enjoy it the first time you use it, but if you stay with it, you will notice a favourable difference in your skin tone. After shaving, apply a little bit of alum block into your damp face. For best effects, either wash it off or leave it on your skin to dry. You'll be able to say goodbye to all of your problems once you start using alum.